less ego and more empathy and love

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"Give priority to your ideas and thoughts dictated by the heart and not by the ego"

It is impossible that in our first stages of life, when we are still in the search and construction of ourselves, of our personality in short, we are looking for the parts that fit better with our way of seeing everyday life and with the authenticity with which we come to this world, which is a particular one, that is to say, we all have something that makes us different, but they are stages where even rebellion makes a great echo because many times we bring it to the surface through the ego, a feeling that is the opposite of quality , it is totally a negative emotion that many times overwhelms us with the aim of governing ourselves, in order to integrate into our lives a lot of feelings that little by little become great defects such as pride, hatred, grudges and envy, which only they bind us, they do not allow us to progress, they do not allow us to connect with other people, much less create links that are a motor for our existence because they can even go beyond the barrier of the years, in addition to the adversities.

The ego is a broad word to which many meanings are given, the ego translated in other languages ​​means ME, as well as a concept that is rooted in it is that of "excessive valuation that people often feel for themselves and that at the same time it is like a band that covers the eyes and does not allow to see beyond their own noses”. As previously explained, the ego is linked to pride, which "is an emotion or a feeling of superiority that overwhelms a person with respect to the rest of the world, which leads them to the point of treating others badly or with distant or contemptuous treatment." the same” therefore the ego when it is not stopped, when we let it seize all areas of our lives, it becomes our worst enemy, an enemy that will not leave our lives so easily, the ego does not allow us to see reality as it is, on the contrary, it corrupts it so that we feel that everything is against us, accepting that we let it take up a lot of our existence is the first step to being able to say goodbye, to be able to give humility and of course love a chance. .

"The ego is the absence of consciousness, therefore when the ego dies the soul awakens"

As I mentioned before, life is full of stages, stages that are synonymous with change, because we are in constant evolution, transformation in a few words, we are like a kind of butterfly, because we are always going through stages of metamorphosis, it is even comparable to the time that is to say, to the seasons that accompany us in the daily life of the 365 days we live each year, we see how the days are transformed from autumn to winter or summer and so on with us, we are the product of all the experiences that have occurred during these stages, that sometimes many unique aspects become part of our life, but other times we discard them because we understand that they are not good for us, that our goal will always be to add to our life only an endless list of things that they join us and we must be perceptive to understand when something is stealing our vitality, that is why I said that the ego marks the stage of adolescence, when we eat the world by bites, but the time comes when we finally click and analyzing we understand that although it is not entirely bad if we let it corrupt our life it will forever seize our free and authentic spirit.

When the stage arrives where we analyze ourselves and everything around us in general, we come to the conclusion that it is better to get away from the ego and include humility in our lives, which is the one that "allows us to recognize and accept that we have limitations and weaknesses but This does not stop us from being human” on the contrary, humility is a strength, it is the skeleton that keeps our essence intact, it is a quality that allows us to evolve without trying to change just because of being as others want us to be or because of the act of ingratiating himself with a certain group. It is not only something personal that we live, all the people in the world are going through processes that are often not so easy to overcome, because not all of us have the capacity to empathize with ourselves, it is illogical, because it should be essential, Before empathizing and feeling affinity towards others, it is supremely relevant to do so and feel it for ourselves, in order to later be able to understand the world in general. There are thousands of random situations that are happening right now and that people are going through and struggling to overcome, that is why it is better to change the ego for love, empathy and humility, because we are also an instrument for changing the outside world. , that is, with small even basic actions we can help others, we can change gray days for more colorful days or simply with our life story we can inspire others, inspire through example because change can be achieved.

"Letting go of the ego means to stop limiting ourselves, when we begin to flow without a doubt, a universe without limits opens its way before our eyes"

It is impossible to forget where our dreams began, it is impossible to forget the people who one day were our maximum support, it is impossible to forget all the effort we have put into the process to obtain good results, in this aspect of life we ​​are also comparable and equal. to the butterfly because its dream begins and begins when it is simply a worm, which many do not inspire and much less like, but with effort I manage to shake off and overcome goals in order to become a beautiful butterfly, which not only dazzles by her beauty but because of the tenacity of the process she went through, humility is always the instrument that we must always not forget and much less stop putting into practice, therefore here I offer you a series of tips that can help you overcome the ego by changing it for love, empathy and humility:

-Learning to ask for forgiveness and to recognize that we have failed is essential, because it will make us more aware and will also make us look for ways to improve, although it is something that costs, but doing so simply frees us.

-Recognizing that the world is diverse, that we are all unique and different but that at times we can all help each other in the processes that we live, also praising the virtues of others, helping them to overcome their strong stages of life and being there for them in any moment of life.

-Knowing ourselves, knowing our strengths and weaknesses, not minimizing ourselves, on the contrary, giving the caesar what belongs to the caesar and always trying to improve to achieve personal development.

What do you think of the ego?! Thank you very much for reading until here.

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When the ego dies we make room for a new person full of love.

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