I can't change the world but I can contribute to it

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<When our perception of the world is affected by continuous events, the only way to contribute to change is through the example of acting not only in a different way, but also with the aim of not harming anyone and in the same process creating a place better>

We have all had or gone through processes where we have experienced the famous "break points", processes that do not make us run into an external wall that leads us to renew or restructure something that is not going well in our lives, be it a physical, mental or psychological problem. circumstantial, that is, from day to day, on the other hand we also crash when the world through the negative actions of people shows us that there are many aspects that we all as a community must improve, but it will only happen when they also experience the aforementioned breaking point, given that we all live and go through totally different and opposite processes, some take lessons before others but that does not mean that it is wrong, simply each person has a different time and space, on the other hand we can inspire the world to change, we can try to change guidelines and belief systems through our actions, the example will always be the best teacher of life for many , given that in many circumstances perhaps some change went through your mind that triggered the famous FEAR, a catalyst and paralyzer that does not allow us to act, until we find within ourselves tools that help us overcome it, such as courage and strength.

The world would be a completely different and irreverent place if each person who inhabits it proposed the goal of at least including in their daily routine of habits that nourish people and of course the planet as such, the goal is to come to learn but also to create a better world from everything we do. There are many who complain and those who point out, but by spending and putting our energy and time in evoking words that are often tinged with hatred and rancor, we can reinvest our energy in seeking alternatives that help develop a better solution, we must learn, evolve and inspire with our example when we are part of the solution and not of the chaos, when we learn to calmly and patiently digest the continuous changes and situations that the world generates in order to get the best positive side out of them, focus on the bad, it can only bring us the itself, it will only bring countless conflicts until we learn that it is better to focus on the good or be the people who carry the light of the solution.

There are infinite variables that we would like to change in the world to make it a better place, such as increasing true justice, equality, kindness and empathy, in breaking down barriers and limits that unfortunately have hit the lives of human beings from generation to generation, on the other hand it is It is inevitable that on certain days many feelings do not hit us and bring us down, even among them the disappointment that many times people, instead of moving forward, go back even to times where reasoning did not yet exist, given the even disturbing news that happens every time. second, unfortunately there is no magic wand or the world does not yet have a button to fix everything, we must accept that although there are good people there are also those who with their actions show that even animals are better beings for the world, but this obviously It does not have to be a reason for our hopes to disappear, on the contrary, we must feed our hope Through our actions, knowing that our example is at least impacting the lives of certain people, even if only a little, that message gradually spreads because that person will take it to others.

In particular, there are many times when I get frustrated when I see the news and the main headlines in the world and in my country, seeing that many do not seek to advance, on the contrary, they have a fierce even denigrating setback due to the actions they commit, some cases that recently impacted my country, were a series of injustices by harming animals, defenseless beings who have no reason and much less have the power to raise their voice, beings like us who also suffer and bleed, whom certain people They did irreversible damage to them by exposing them to cruelty that was out of the ordinary and completely outside of what a human being has in his heart and thus thousands of events around the world, thousands of people who daily suffer the consequences of the actions of others, actions that generates questions and doubts given the magnitude of the facts, people who are not really capable of converting their lives and much less of having love, respect and empathy in their hearts. For reasons, witnessing everything that happens in the world, I can only come to the conclusion that there are more of us who are good, there are more of us who, by doing things differently, can generate a good change and take society to another level. .

Here are some key aspects to generate a change in the world:

-It is better to be honest and be part of the solution and not the problem, we must expel the criticism and the accusations that reduce our energy, in addition, committing this action shows more about us than about who we are making the statement, therefore do not express opinions and much less let your life be influenced by it and don't complain either.

-Develop empathy, help others, the gratification it gives us is not material, on the contrary, it is a gratification that permeates the soul.

-Take the initiative, show the world with your example that you are on the side that makes a difference and that you truly bet on a better place.

-Detach your life from the "NO" or "I CAN'T", create the habit of doing even as far as you can, it is better to do it, than to stay with the doubts of what would have happened.

Thank you for reading!

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