Healing our relationship with money makes a big difference in our lifestyle

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3 months ago

I personally believe that there are two types of people in the world, there are those who were educated responsibly, that is, instilling in them the importance and value of money to lead a dignified life but knowing that it influences and contributes to happiness but it is not what gives it, we see this reflected in many people who are wealthy or wealthy, have a life without any need but many live sad, frustrated or simply what they want, yearn for and desire cannot be given or brought by desire, many times We do not realize that for many, happiness is linked to the little things in life, to what is priceless and its value is so high that not everyone can have it, like love, like sharing, generating incredible moments, health, while for others their happiness is even documented in several studies that it is closely linked to the general well-being of their lives, that is to say, to have a balance between their personal and professional lives, in other studies they explain that people who live in countries where their salary can be enough to meet all their needs, they are happier than those who do not earn enough to achieve good stability.

 Now, unlike those who have a financial education, those who have not been educated to unfortunately see money as something negative, something that makes you less or something that simply does not make you a good person, but it is evident that he does not influences that, in the world there is variety, there are people who do not have money and are good, also those who do not have assets and are bad, there are the wealthy but good as well as the wealthy but bad, it all depends on you, whichever it is your view of life, of the decisions and choices you make on a daily basis, which are undoubtedly the ones that speak for you, you are not what you say, you are what you do, but those actions can undoubtedly be separated as good or negative, money is a a very difficult issue to face, unfortunately we must stop the hypocrisy that we have with it, as we tend to deny the relevance it has, for example, by having it we can satisfy basic needs such as food, housing, clothing, health, education and other needs that more than being luxuries they are basic, they are necessary to live with dignity.

Money is basically the asset that we can exchange as mentioned above for something or for services that are clearly necessary for life, money is also unfortunately seen as a symbol of power, many people want to have it to control the lives of others, it is evident , that good is not bad or negative, the bad is rooted in how we are able to see it, or the actions we take when we enjoy it, life is not only black or white, it has many nuances, not everything is bad and not everything It is good, for this reason we must learn to be cautious, we must learn to use things in a positive way, we must learn to heal our mentality towards certain issues like this, as I have offered money before and the perspective that many have of it is relative, It is a highly subjective relationship, it all depends on you, on your perspective, on your vision of the world, which is obviously related to the things you learned when you were growing up, things you learned in your upbringing.

Now, the biggest purpose or the positive characteristic that you will find when working on your relationship with money, with your economy and your finances is definitely that in the future you will be more aware, you will be able to make better decisions that enrich your economy, that maximize it. , to help you be more independent or to continue having that stability or financial freedom that you love or to help you get to that point, for this you must first eliminate the shame of having or, on the contrary, the lack of assets, decide to change your reality, remember that if you change what you have in your mind, you will definitely be able to begin to heal that toxic and uncontrolled relationship that you have with money, deconstruct or unlearn concepts about wealth, especially like being rich is bad because on the contrary the Money can be a key that helps you open new doors full of multiple opportunities, save, see savings as a future investment, you don't know what situation arises in your life that needs assets and you don't count on them because of your waste, learn to feel satisfied and have enough there is nothing like first valuing what you have, remember to be grateful it will simply make you attract more abundance into your life.

Remember, you through your mindset, words and actions have the power to make positive and rewarding changes in your life!

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