Habits that drive success

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<<You don't define your future, but if you decide your habits and your habits define your future>>

One of the main drivers and propellants of our goals in life are the small positive repetitive acts that we perform daily or mostly known as habits, which are the behaviors that we carry out regularly, that is, every day, they are learned and integrated behaviors to our lifestyle with the aim of helping us in something, but just as there are habits that contribute to us, there are also those that remain called vices, just like everything in life full of nuances. Habits, in turn, are very unique, diverse and different for everyone, many may be similar but their structure and how we perform them can be totally different, especially the path to success or the process to carry out goals in life are plagued with habits that in one way or another are a kind of life gasoline that drives us.

We all have the capacity or are in one way or another programmed to achieve whatever we set out to do, many times what immobilizes us and does not allow us to take steps that bring us closer to such cherished goals is fear, the greatest paralyzer, fear is something that We must learn to control, in a few words doing so would already count as a habit, the habit that somehow helps us calm down and lower the levels of any chemical substance that our brain has expelled such as cortisol, which only fills our lives with anxiety, Just as if we were talking about the impostor syndrome because it fills our minds with pessimistic thoughts such as that we are not going to achieve it or simply that we are deserving, breaking our security and creating a lot of insecurities that make our balance falter.

In us is the decision to turn habits into our greatest secret weapon to strengthen ourselves or totally the opposite to create habits that have the capacity to destroy or self-destruct us because they are actions that we commit towards ourselves, often in the form of apathy, reluctance , of laziness, of not wanting to fight, of thinking that everything comes easily or simply of integrating habits called vices that destroy the most precious thing that the human being possesses, health, such as smoking or consuming substances that although for many do not have short-term consequences in the long term they become our greatest weapon of destruction, in a few words they are habits – deadly and silent vices, so learn, be truly informed about everything that enters your life, many can have the effect of taking its toll on us in the future, take care of yourself , not only your mental health but also your physical health, in short, take care of all your health thanks to it you can promote your metamorphosis to become the to the best version of you.

Always keep in mind that your potential encompasses even much more than you imagine, but for it to flow and come to the surface, it is absolutely necessary that you do your part to practice and sow in yourself discipline as a habit, which are the behaviors that make us maintain order, it also makes us follow the rules on a daily basis, which in turn will undoubtedly lead us to a good result, on the other hand, always keep in mind that each day is a new day to act and promote our actions from another perspective that help us to promote better results, when you feel dissatisfied we can always make use of change, we should not be afraid of it, we should be afraid of not changing, of always staying the same, do not run away from turning it into your best tool for each day, remembering that there is always a new canvas every day, to act and do different things that give us different results.

On the other hand, we must inform ourselves more about this topic since habits do not only have to do with basic things, habits encompass much more, such as physical, recreational, mental, affective and even social habits, physical ones involve the care of our body and clearly our health, such as creating a routine to exercise our temple, which is our body, and in turn strengthen it, freeing it from illnesses or numbness, on the other hand, also creating precedents in reference to personal hygiene, which is important for us as well as for the image that others have of us because it helps to raise our mental health, our self-esteem and clearly our security, habits of affection help us to express our feelings both to ourselves and to others, the mental without a doubt help us and invite us to discover spirituality and meditation, the social ones urge us to be more social despite the redundancy as well as to put into practice respect, solidarity, empathy and kindness.

Never repress your potential for fear or shame to what they will say, your potential is your greatest driver of life, it helps you to meet and finish goals, even when you achieve goals you will know that you just conquered a mountain peak and it still makes you there is still a way to go, never give importance to the opinions and remarks of others, you know and recognize your value and your potential, do not underestimate yourself, the strength to achieve and achieve what you want from life lies in you, you just have to stimulate it to wake it up and that together you can creatively create a plan that promotes you.

Thanks for reading this far!

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