Gonna; man's greatest enemy

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<< Anger: an acid that can do more damage to the container in which it is stored than to anything it is poured on.>>

Managing, managing or resolving life situations or things in general is something that is difficult for human beings, although there are also exceptions of those who manage to control all facets of their lives with great ease, but there are those who unfortunately due to a lot of characteristics and dispositions in Against the fact that they are not in their favor, they often fail to adequately manage their emotions and their character in life, it is necessary to add that it is something that happens and happens to everyone, without any discrimination, there are sociable, sweet, energetic and others, on the other hand, are reserved, but we can all be the target of this cause, although it is also necessary to emphasize that it is usually much more noticeable in reserved and rigid people.

Many people live in the world, therefore also many personalities, we are all diverse, we all have our personal touch, no one is the same as another person, the magic of the human being lies in how irreverent he is, in how beautiful his soul is, but even if it costs Believe it, there are those who have a friendly and empathetic personality but unfortunately inside they are frustrated, they are scattered, they do not recognize the great person that lives within them, therefore they do not know how to manage the thousands of feelings and emotions that flutter in their life giving it more space Many times to anger, thanks to the state of initial frustration, this is because they do not know how to express or bring out their thoughts, their emotions, their protests, therefore they enter a negative cycle where they accumulate and accumulate poorly managed and supremely toxic energy. even radioactive, but not knowing how to configure ourselves or even read the messages and warnings that our body makes us can lead us to a circle the vicious away from a quick and peaceful way out.

Unfortunately, not knowing how to program, manage and express our emotions often lies and has its origin in our upbringing and growth, although the objective of our parents was and was to create a strong person in every way, trying that in many moments of our In childhood we concealed and gobbled up our feelings encouraged us to relegate our emotions to a forgotten space of our lives, which at that time would have no repercussions, because they would occur in a more advanced stage such as adolescence, pre-adulthood and adulthood, silence and turning a blind eye to what hurts us, what causes feelings of irreverence and justice in our lives will probably have repercussions, as I said the safe place for us in childhood was always our parents and the home they created but unfortunately when we grow up and logically like butterflies when they finish their process they wish and want to take flight towards the unknown known and even looking for other directions, something similar happens with human beings, when we are old enough we begin to carve our own path, moving away from our family to go in search of our dreams, that is when an adventure begins for many but also everything a learning since our parents always want to protect us and therefore many times they showed us a perspective of a rosy world.

Therefore, we began to float the tools that they gave us, or we began to create them or, unfortunately, like many of us, we entered a recession process to understand and understand what is happening and how to manage it, or how to look for alternative solutions to learn to manage, we all have Different ways of escape although similar, but many of us have different ways of facing reality, many facing it the minute it happens, others respond later and others, instead, hide behind tools that current times have given us, such as technology and the internet, which easily attract the attention of many people who even try to help us by issuing advice, anger is one of these emotions that attacks our mind and body in general, because it is an emotion made up of negative sensations that can even drag us to violence, we must know how to balance it, we must know how to manage it, many times they instill in us the m minimize everything we feel when the true reality would be to maximize it in order to positively learn to solve that conflict of internal emotions.

That is why the invitation is to feel, it is to maximize our emotions, learn to manage them from intelligence, any emotion you feel is valid, you are human, you are not a robot, you are designed to feel, to love, to cry and to experience the changes and the ups and downs that life has to give us. Do not limit yourself, live to the fullest, with caution in certain things but live and never fear what they will say or your emotions!

Thank you for reading!

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