Freedom and life are rights that no one can take away from us

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<< Being free is not only getting rid of one's chains, but living in a way that respects and improves the freedom of others>>

Every day is a good day to raise your voice for those who unfortunately have had to endure life situations that have involved the violation of the greatest right that human beings possess, obviously freedom, it is well known by all that we are born with duties, that we clearly acquire by growing but also with rights that by fulfilling these duties we automatically earn, rights that no one can take away from us, unless of course we commit acts that prevent us from enjoying the right that exalts the life of the human being, otherwise no one has the power to decide in the lives of others, we all have faculties that make us fit to make the relevant decisions of our lives.

Before continuing, let's decipher and make clear what the word freedom means "It is a right and an irrevocable quality that we possess since we are born to decide the course of our lives by acting clearly within the established parameters, that is, acting responsibly and with full faculty that our actions do not harm anyone" it is even necessary to emphasize that it is a concept that is linked to the human rights that we all possess by the simple fact of being people, worth the redundancy, in turn these are "irrevocable rights that we all we possess in order to live a decent life” these in turn are a series of aspects that allow us to live a peaceful life together without corrupting anything, much less anyone.

It is well known by all that there is full freedom when we act under our standards and not mired in oppression or coercion by people whose objective is to harm us, as I said of the aforementioned concept, freedom is an implicit rule so that coexistence among all those who we inhabit the world is completely satisfactory, that respect and empathy always reign, freedom urges us to:

-Have determination, in short, forge our character and our system of beliefs under our own criteria of life.

-Create in us variables that oppose oppression, not only ours, it also urges us to be kind, generous and empathic with the circumstances that others are going through, given that the world deserves equality and deserves to eradicate all the systems that Every day they arise created by human beings themselves with the purpose of harming other people, even many times the background is the benefits that this can generate for them.

-It urges us to recognize and analyze all our actions given that we must always be clear that these often have consequences.

That is why we must always have these clear so that no one ever tries to violate our birth rights, but also urge others to raise awareness, but above all make use of these, as I said every day, they are good for expressing our feelings of dissatisfaction with certain situations of life as is the case today, since they violate the human rights and freedom of many people, which unfortunately very few cases have been resolved, today I raise my voice and my writing for those victims of enforced disappearances who were kidnapped from the daily life, with multiple purposes and many intertwined in order to harm them, depriving not only them but their families of the precious life of these beings.

May freedom always prevail, may our integrity be our top priority!

Thank you for reading!

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