Enjoying the great little things in life

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Good morning everyone! I hope your Saturday goes amazing, I tell you that today is my sister's birthday, I am very grateful to life and of course to God for the beautiful family that has touched me of course not everything is always pink but the best of Everything is that they are always there for me at any time I need it and that love is more than enough for me to always want to get ahead, in another blog later I will tell you a little crazy family anecdotes.

Now, let's go back to the context of this little blog, currently the culture of society wants to sell us the idea that happiness is found in owning material things, things that only fill the physical, clothes at the forefront and many things like cars, but the most unfortunate part of the case is that these things are only the key to our inner emptiness and if we are bad inside we are physically bad. On repeated occasions we do not know how to appreciate what we have because we think that it is very little, we underestimate it, life is a great teacher, one of our missions in this world is to learn and what better teacher than life itself, which is giving us lessons that we are not even able to see at the moment because we simply do not want to put our heads on the site and analyze if we are doing things right or not.

From the lessons you learn friends but they are put into practice, making the same mistakes would only make room for life to take care of giving us the same lesson but in different ways until we put into practice what we have learned, it is a large part of the life, never forget this "the faster we accept that something is simply not for us, the faster we will make room and space in our lives for what is for us". This last month has shown me that the world needs LOVE and all that it entails, but especially EMPATHY and SOLIDARITY, we see that many people are moved by POWER and AMBITION, that they do not care about ending the lives of others in order to fulfill their vile objectives, I wish they would enlighten and realize that their actions only lead them even to self-destruction because at the end of the day they are emptier than a glass without water.

That really the key to happiness in this plane is taken by the little big things that life puts us right in front of our noses and that at times we are even blind and do not see them, or the mere fact of thinking that they are things that They will always be there, but quite the opposite happens many times those things do not come back, because we were very ungrateful. We must understand that the magic of life is in its simplicity, in the people around us, who are always there, in the good and the not so beautiful, like our family, our parents for whom we will always be perfect no matter what. , our friends and acquaintances, who in some way are people who contribute positive things to our lives in one way or another, inject us with happiness, joy, love, empathy, generosity, loyalty in a few words, sun people, because they are capable to give color even the grayest days.

The simple fact of being alive and having our whole body is to give thanks to God, that we can breathe, without needing devices to do it for us, being able to eat everything we want, being able to see is one of the best things it has life, our eyes are like cameras creating millions of memories, being able to hear, all our senses are a miracle, but even more of a miracle is that we are completely healthy and that we can always enjoy our body, being able to love is the best feeling in life. world, because to receive we also have to give, love and be loved, it only works when you also dare to do it, everything is a matter of you taking that step.

Start by thanking, gratitude will take us to incredible places with people and small but great things in life, do not wait until you have lost it to realize that you were lucky, you are lucky because you have a roof to sleep when there are many who would like to have a HOME with people who worry about you every day, because you are well and when you are ill, they are people who without thinking twice would donate even a kidney for you because you are happy, always give THANKS, to God, to the universe, to life for everything beautiful you have, because even with less purchasing power you are happier than those who have everything and are simply empty inside. Life takes unexpected turns, sometimes for the positive and others for us to learn, because we are very foolish and do not want to learn lessons, until something happens to us that changes our entire perspective, so enjoy, value, the small great things that life gives you. in front and that you simply believe that there are very few, then life will compensate you much more, but start by valuing the small.

final thoughts

I think that they are particularly things that happen in our rebellious stage "adolescence" that if we don't learn about it quickly, life will later take its toll, giving our lives shocks so that we understand that what matters is being well, both physically and mentally, because if your mental health is not good your physical will not be either, everything is a constant balance, that if we do not appreciate that the little things have more value even than the material ones, our life in one way or another will stagnate. My gratitude goes to the smallest thing like water that is simply a synonym of God like the sky that is also another synonym of him. For me, looking at the sky is therapeutic, it is synonymous with peace, it is a therapy of tranquility for the moments when you cannot with yourself, when you want to escape even from routines.

What is that so therapeutic that you do and fill you with peace?

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