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Create a positive impact on others

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3 months ago

<<The best life is not the longest, but the richest in good deeds. >>

Sometimes we go around the world ignoring that our actions have a great impact on people's lives even if we are not famous, there are those who feel inspired and attracted by us, by what we are and what we do daily with our lives, We do not know or are aware of the great contribution that we can leave to the world, many times we undervalue ourselves, we undervalue what we are, what we do and what we give to the outside, well, we are all different people, inside each person in the world inhabits a new and magical universe to explore, but before the world does it, it is necessary that we do it, it is necessary that we take the time to reflect and inquire about our interior, our spirituality and especially accept it, because it is supremely essential that we be aware and know firsthand what we are worth, in order to know and know what we deserve, which will bring us the result of establishing certain limits so that to be able to offer our best version to the world.

 Just as we can influence and contribute to the improvement of others, they can also do it in our lives, from people we think they can't do it, people who are part of our day to day life to great characters in history who They have already died and other celebrities who are still alive and are building an inevitable legacy through this process that will attract whoever is related and interested in the same niche or branch, the world is diverse, also fortunately today it is a more egalitarian one , one where we all have the same rights, where we also share the same equity, a world that every day becomes more aware of the relevance and importance of respect, due to the fact that many unfortunately lose focus on what is truly important and begin to throw hate without for any reason, or simply instead of being grateful for what they have in life, they live focused on the negative even though they have a pleasant life, the least they do, the things they The least they spend time on is to enjoy the good, beautiful and pleasant things that are presented to them in life on a daily basis, an aspect that if not worked on, leaves absolutely out of our hands and control, which automatically means that it can become a destructive and even contagious habit, since others can follow these steps or we have copied someone else's model or lifestyle.

The most important and relevant thing in life in the face of any circumstance and experience will always be the attitude we put before it, because although even negative and toxic attitudes are contagious, an even more contagious attitude is undoubtedly doing things well, but it is evident that in order to induce it into our lives as a positive habit over the negative, it is necessary to make the choice every day to do so and live a healthy, peaceful and consistent life, according to what we decide to follow, that is, if we decide to seize and direct our life towards the path of promoting positive impacts, we must act accordingly, but we must also have certain moments to analyze, to enter into processes of introspection, processes that above all are full of serenity and sincerity to be able to draw completely correct conclusions that will show us the result of our hard work, because when we decide to start with ourselves, start fostering, planting and reg Being inside ourselves, love, empathy, peace, tolerance, respect, fairness, we can then offer the world the best version of ourselves, offer the world our best skills and above all support to those who need it, because although at first we do not influence large number of people, if we have in our hands the power to influence the life of our family and the people who are added in the form of friendship.

Nowadays creating a precedent and a good impact on people is easier than in other years and even centuries, because obviously before people who were good and positive in certain aspects in one way or another were definitely limited, now well They wondered why, well they were completely limited from being able to reach more places within their country as well as being able to cross borders and become internationalized or globalized throughout the world with their messages, messages that are overflowing with humanity and value, that is to say the content is significant since in one way or another it manages to promote something good and positive in the lives of others, all this thanks to science and its advances in certain technologies, especially communication, that allow us to shorten it with just a click away , being able to carry hopeful messages, full of motivation with messages of added value that have the impact of changing lives, have the power to as well as motivating people to do it, because although it is a particular opinion, we all somehow have the globalized and standardized objective that we should help and promote changes in people's lives, because it is useless to have wisdom if it is not to share it and expand it with the world, which so badly needs people who dare to be irreverent, especially in not being afraid to take a message to the world.

Message of the day: It is always a good day to help someone, no matter if it is a stranger, the universe will somehow reward you for having put a grain of sand in that life in an unexpected way.

Thank you for reading!

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Written by   45
3 months ago
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