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Bullying and its catastrophic consequences in the world

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Written by ย ย 45
8 months ago

How shocking and unfortunate to see situations and events to which the world is exposed every day, due to circumstances that I personally believe could have been avoided, keeping bullying at bay, which has been the root of many negative events in the world, there are many even the tragedies that happen in the world or simply situations because of it, given that they suffer from other children who study or are in higher grades and even minor situations with psychological damage and repeated physical damage, the little ones who commit these acts feel an ambivalent power because they feel they are superior beings and clearly their victim is an inferior being, who in their eyes is worth nothing or is worth much less, this in many circumstances may be due to their economic situation and may even be indirectly related to their self-esteem, since they are very submissive people, who think that what others tell them is true or change their minds quite ease, it is something that occurs mostly at school, which is where children are sharing their most time with you to learn, but unfortunately they can have super negative setbacks in their lives, such as bullying, so the objective as parents is also make them strong, strong in self-esteem and strong so that they talk about everything, not judge and give them the so-called confidence so that they can tell everything they experience daily, especially in those hours when they have to be apart.

It is a more common problem than some parents think and believe, since more children experience this harassment on a daily basis, even experts, thanks to their studies, revealed to the world that between 15% and 50% of children and adolescents suffer from this condition, which is extremely worrying and even more so if you have children, so you have to know how to instill strength, self-confidence and everything they represent, let them know that no one is more than anyone else, we are all made of the same and that unfortunately at some point in our lives we also have an expiration date and that these are things that do not change even if we have different social conditions, that absolutely all the people you meet, have already met and will meet in the future deserve respect, including him, that if at any given moment a child messes with the one who is not afraid and who has the absolute confidence to say so, that as parents while they are minors the right is to protect them and oh Helping them is to say seeking to solve any problem that is taking them to the edge either physically or even more importantly psychologically, since to have healthy children it is not only necessary to take all the attention to the physical body but also beyond, to what is inside, to the psyche, to what he is thinking and of course how he is driving and what can cause this in the future.

As parents we have to learn to give priority to our children, since they are people who until now are discovering life and everything that comes along with it, we have to get more involved in their lives, be attentive to how they are conducting themselves and of course to everything they say because that is a small reflection of what is being lived in their head, in their thoughts, many times we worry simply because they have everything they want in terms of material things but this does not fill the love and values โ€‹โ€‹that can be implanted in our children from a very young age so that they have a good life in their future, getting fully involved in their upbringing, teaching them aspects that they cannot learn with anyone else but with their manager, such as respect, strength, generosity , reciprocity, love that is the basis of everything, understanding, empathy, but above all resilience to face any adversity they may have and that is not in our hands, due because they are totally unavoidable things and that they are beyond our power, as well as sowing the seed of trust in them from a young age, as opposed to keeping quiet and talking and telling everything they want, because through their behavior we see what is happening also in their lives, they are small warning signs to which we must be attentive to help them and guide them in their processes.

Now it is very unfortunate what the world is suffering today thanks to this unhealthy disease, causing people who did not know how to manage this to carry out actions that hurt others who are completely innocent and oblivious to everything that happened to them or how they felt, when instead of causing harm to others they should seek psychological help to help them drain all their bad feelings for the world and for those who at a given moment they consider guilty, which was seen in the massacre that occurred just a few days is that the attacker was a lonely person who lacked the love of his family and of course psychological help but that was not a reason, reason or circumstance to attack such innocent lives and create in others precedents of anguish due to actions that were not he knew and his parents did not know how to manage, that even his teachers should have become more involved with respect to this issue, because without trying to justify what he did but absolutely not No one deserves to be exposed to any circumstance that helps a mental or psychological imbalance, there were many warnings that this young man gave and that unfortunately ended the lives of so many children who had a radiant future, but nevertheless he left us a great lesson and that is that our children deserve more attention and love, from their direct relatives and also from their family in general.

Bullying is deadly, although many believe and affirm that it is something completely innocent, it is not, it is something much more serious that if it is not treated in time, its consequences can be catastrophic and that a lot of people who did not deserve it can also end up being affected. as is the case of the 19 children and those two teachers who went to school like any other day to fulfill their certain duties and ended up dead thanks to someone who thought they had to pay in blood for everything he had lived , simply because his parents were not there and did not pay attention to his actions and thoughts to have helped him, if this had happened like this, the reality for all the victims would have been different today, at the end of everything that happened there are many lessons for parents , teachers and the general public, that we have to be more aware of our surroundings, maybe someone needs us and we can be drivers of life.

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Written by ย ย 45
8 months ago
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