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Assertive communication will always be the way to solve any problem in the world

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3 months ago

<< The one who speaks the best does not communicate, but the one who listens best>>

It is evident that we must thank our ancestors for creating and fostering systems that allowed and allowed us to be able to foster and establish links that allowed us to transmit what goes through our heads to this day, in addition to obviously creating and fostering connections under respect, understanding, empathy and solidarity since they are key aspects to solidify and unify the world, basically communication is a process that allows us to send and receive messages or vice versa, there are many aspects and characteristics that make up good communication, on the other hand Just as the world and many aspects have revolutionized life today compared to what was known in ancient times, they have revealed and created other much more respectful systems such as assertive communication, which precisely today is the day to exalt this event that basically is a tool that allows us to seek dialogue calmly, with respect, express Doing everything from the field of empathy and understanding, it also urges us to establish a system that, in addition to expressing, allows us to listen with patience and kindness, as well as obviously processing with respect and kindness what the other tells us and then emitting a message with the same features if required.

Assertive communication is evidently that person who expresses what they feel in a respectful way, always seeking to express their opinion in a legible and considerate way, without evading or limiting what we feel, much less downplaying what the other person may feel, is to recognize that everyone we are courageous, that we all deserve contemplation and empathy, it is indisputable that there are different types of communication, obviously everything depends on the person, in addition to the fact that we have learned from a very young age that it can occur from verbal communication, which is basically what we express, while non-verbal communication is one that does not need words, it can be expressed through gestures of affection and even disapproval, so we also see how evolution has obviously led us all to function in the world, including many forms of communication that with the arrival of technology have been enshrined in other ways, as any aspects include do pros and cons, since new trends were created and formed that help us, in addition to communicating, keeping us informed and alert to world events, in addition to obviously helping us to foster new ties and maintain others that before were seen fractured by distance but with new innovations have been forged and maintained.

It is clear and implicit that communication processes are key and essential aspects to live a stable life in society, the word communication tells us from its origin what it means to share, what it means to distribute what we think, what we feel and our perspectives on the world. , and whoever feels interested opens it or, on the contrary, when expressing it and spreading it, open whoever needs our experience and support in the world, obviously we also have to thank nature for giving us a voice, for giving us the ability to listen, from others people to the sounds that are produced as a form of entertainment, the voice is produced because by expelling the air that we expel by breathing through the resonators of the body, it creates and promotes the voice, which in turn, depending on how much they exercise and these are used, the results of our voice will be weak, serious or acute, it is also evident that many civilizations in the world have managed to promote and creating new languages โ€‹โ€‹or better expressed have been peoples, countries or continents that have formed their own dialects of that nation, it is even also to be appreciated that thanks to these precepts it has been possible to constitute the writing that is part of non-verbal communication, but anyway Basically, the form and style that we adopt when communicating will determine the quality of our life, therefore integrating assertiveness is key, since it is the ability that allows us to express ourselves frankly and with total humility towards ourselves and others, given that we grant importance to communication towards others, undervaluing and making almost non-existent even that which we have to promote with ourselves, this according to the fact that although it sounds and reads quite incoherent, it is we who are with us 24/7 every day, for this reason our Dialogue or internal communication must be quite friendly and understanding, because just as we give others these qualities, we also deserve we give them to ourselves. Some keys to having an assertive communication with the world and with us are the following:

-Leave victimization aside, see the facts from a pragmatic perspective, from a fair perspective, where violence and disrespect have no place.

-Learn to express everything you feel without minimizing it and in a way that no one feels hurt or offended.

-We must solve our problems thinking about our criteria and not based on that of others.

-Assertiveness teaches us to say no, to set limits without feeling guilty for exposing what we feel.

Thank you for reading!


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Written by ย ย 45
3 months ago
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