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Animation has changed the entertainment world

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2 months ago

<<Human creativity has changed the form of entertainment>>

Routine and monotony are sometimes consumerist, it is negative, it leads us to pessimistic attitudes, it leads us to anchor ourselves in the comfort zone, although fortunately in the world there are people who have managed to create and establish a precedent for their ingenuity and creativity by look for alternatives to reduce the monotony and boredom and annoyance due to the lack of fun or interest in things, entertainment is undoubtedly something that is primitive in the human being, to distract, to avoid and to restructure and make our days more dynamic , even entertainment, although it is hard to believe, animals integrate it into their lives, obviously not in the same way that we humans do, but they also do it to counteract in one way or another the monotony of the days, entertainment is even a recreational form given to that there are alternatives that help us to grow personally, to mold our character, to strengthen or restructure beliefs, because they offer us experiences that offer us other alternatives in the world that lead us to question ourselves, lead us to see that sometimes the best side in which we can place ourselves is in neutrality.

The alternatives that the human being currently has to get out of the monotony and entertain themselves are diverse, multiple and even increasingly irreverent, we are witnesses that something that has been implemented and positioned more and more in the world is diversity and equality, because they are aspects that little by little are integrated into the various entertainment options such as art, music, dance, painting, these are obviously the classic aspects, the aspects that have a lot of time and antiquity but still have known to age relatively well or positively because they are still very popular and prominent so much so that they can even be more than a simple form of entertainment or hobbies can become more than a passion in our profession, religion and lifestyle, I am a faithful witness to the truth of the famous saying that abounds there, when you make your passion your profession you will never work, you will always be happy doing what you love so much daily, now continuing with the theme of evolution, with the arrival of the internet and new technologies and electronic devices we see new and innovative forms of entertainment that have not yet supplanted previous versions but have achieved a great comparison to them.

Television was a great boom in the last century, where a phenomenon began that at this point in time we have witnessed the importance and development that it has had, in addition to being one of the most effective mass media is a window of entertainment, which gave way to much larger industries such as cinema and the different ramifications that derive from it that have managed to bring together the world population with great successes, it should not be avoided that television is a mass medium with a great technological innovation by emitting images and sounds over long distances, in addition to having easy access given that currently a large percentage of the world's population has a television in which they can enjoy and avoid boredom, on the other hand, television gave way to the creation of channels, the interesting thing is that even for the time they were channels dedicated exclusively to the subject, that is, adult movies such as comedy, science fiction n and other genres, also newscasts, channels dedicated exclusively to distributing musical themes and others focused on children in the smallest of the house but that are also genres that adults are able to enjoy and digest, from the latter derives the theme of today's animation, we have all enjoyed movies or cartoon programs, therefore animation is a process that seeks to give movement to drawings or inanimate objects, basically it consists of giving soul to inanimate objects, one of the great characters that managed to innovate in this field was undoubtedly Walt Disney, he managed to get animation out of the monotony creating a total distraction and a precedent in the field of children's television and animation.

Walt Disney was a multifaceted entrepreneur because he managed to be from producer to animator, he also managed to persist and insist until he managed to get his company afloat and that it was globally recognized in the world, a character that although he died in the last century his legacy is still more current than ever, it has managed to transcend, especially with Mickey Mouse, one of its main creations.

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Written by   45
2 months ago
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