After the storm comes the calm

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1 year ago

<<Life is an echo, if you don't like what you are receiving, look at what you are emitting>>

Good days, bad days, regular days, days where we want to eat the world with bites, now, at some point, have you questioned why or questioned what is happening and what has caused it?, the only difference it makes a common, normal or failing bad day in a really good one where the sun shines through us is our attitude and clearly our actions. The last days have been a lot of reflection, 2022 has been a constant up and down in my life, stability has not been my best companion, but even when things have been fluctuating, I knew that I was part of the situation, that is to say , in me is the power to decide how to face the various circumstances that life goes through in my destiny.

It is not only something that has been happening in my life, which led me to make this article and write with the aim of THANKING and being GRATEFUL, with everything that in one way or another has been a channel of support and support for our life, I am clearly referring to the Read.Cash platform, yesterday I took some time to reorder my ideas, to let my mind rest and for creativity to come to me again, which many times when we are saturated does not flow naturally, therefore it does not let's create as we truly do when everything in our lives is aligned, in short, in addition to a break, I dedicated a bit of my day to reading random articles on the platform, many times the key is to put our feet on the ground and see what is happening beyond our comfort zone, I also come across articles by people with special emphasis on the fact that the flow of people who used to read and write has dropped considerably because, as we all know, it is not the best moment of the platform.

The purpose of this article is not to point out or judge anyone, on the contrary, my objective is to urge gratitude, to remember that little or much has been a space that has given us the opportunity to grow even as writers, writing is not something that everyone can do excellent, for this you have to have spirit, for that we have to be grateful that this was a means to an end and made us recognize the good wood we carry inside to conjugate words, at least in my case it was like that, before to dedicate a good amount of my time to writing articles with the purpose of helping thanks to the fact that I discovered the platform, I had only dedicated my time to doing my TEG, which clearly takes a lot of work, it is not a free subject and rules must be respected for its good workmanship, so it is evident that I hardly had that spirit or ability to form good articles with my words, but thanks to this page I managed to fulfill the objective of creating fluid content by practicing daily he laughed, challenging me to create long articles that were short and concise but that all of these had value to give to colleagues on the platform who need to read my words.

I was reading an article from a colleague, who said that even if he did not receive any TIP, he would continue to support her, she is a complete example to follow, if we were with her in her moments of glory, it is necessary to be aware that we must be in the good times but even more so in the bad , on negative days, because it is in those moments where we know the true value of things, likewise many started on the platform looking for a way out or extra remuneration, given that for many the economic situation of the world, of the current times and Of course, after the pandemic, it went down or fluctuated, so they found support in Read.Cash, which in one way or another opened up a completely new world for us, that of cryptocurrencies, which clearly many of us have not become enthusiasts of these , for this reason, THANK YOU, must be one of the best qualities of the human being and it must be demonstrated by not speaking or expressing words that on many occasions are blown away by the wind, you must THANK the platform with facts, with actions, supporting each other, creating good content that catches many more people so that they dare to enter our community.

In us is the power to change negative situations for positive ones, the key will always be waiting in our attitude in how we decide that the various situations affect us!

Thank you for reading!

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1 year ago