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A good boss will always seek to train us to improve through excellence

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3 months ago

<<True bosses are intelligent enough to endow their subordinates with their wisdom without the need to be humiliating or believing themselves mediocrely exalted>>

Life is made up of many characteristics, among them the magic of the first times, situations that fill us with amazement, uncertainty and millions of emotions that make us more alert, our mind will be working at a thousand times an hour, we are collectors of moments, of stages, of processes, life is basically full of unknowns, of pleasant moments and educational moments, evolutionary, phases that lead us to challenge each part of what we know, many when referring to the first time in something often falsely think that it is It deals with the sexual sphere, when really the first times begin with our arrival in the world, with the first word, our first step, our first time in school, in high school, in university and even at work are pleasant, memorable moments , indelible stained by the magic of those first beginnings, we are built based on the experiences that we live daily, but especially the most complex ones that we start We begin to live as we grow, which we leave as childhood, adolescence that give way to adulthood, those stages where we truly must take responsibility, especially for the decisions and actions that we incline towards.

That magic is something that we must always allow ourselves to feel, we must integrate it as a habit, the magic of not losing amazement, the magic of celebrating, celebrating and prioritizing those little things in life, that the illusions and attitudes with which we always we face never disappear, even if there are unprecedented and unexpected situations, which are often seen as a symbol of nagtivity, we must always remember that they are phases of growth, of teaching, of evolution, adult life is not easy, we see how as we grow the responsibilities do too, we leave behind being supported by our parents, we begin stages based on our own decisions, on what we feel is leading us towards our happiness, towards our well-being, although it is true that our guides have a great influence on our life but also that little by little they are letting us be autonomous, they are letting go of our wings, so that we can continue and carve out our own path or, it is clear that there are aspects that are not life but are part of it such as what we dedicate our time to, those activities that provide us with maintenance, evolution and even entertainment, the profession to which we decide to dedicate our time must be the one that provides us with equanimity, that balances us, that makes us feel more alive than ever.

Of those first times that life will put us in front, it will obviously be related to our working life, a first time full of a lot of fear, full of even terror, but that is what life is about, defeating fear, defeating stigmas , because it is evident that true profits have a beginning after we abandon fear, working life fills us all with constant questions, among them if we will be good enough, if we will succeed, basically they are constants in adult life Since, as I said before, we began a process of independence, a divorce process with the lives of children, everyone's process is obviously different, there are those who, from the moment they finish their studies and their careers, have proposals or are simply people who They prefer to make their own opportunities, they go out into the world without fear of encountering the NO, they are people who deep down know that at some point there will be something incredible. ible waiting for them, the first work will always be commemorative, it will always be remembered, everything according to the fact that it is the first of many, a work that will make us analyze, will make us find the true essence.

Just as the first job is important, the first boss is also important, because he is a person who has already gone through the same process, has lived, has experienced, has had ups and downs, has managed to come out stronger, has managed to evade fear, has managed to be focused on its process, in a process full of wisdom, where although nothing has been easy it has achieved a position, they are beings that are a little higher and further along in the process, they are exemplary people, they are people worthy of admiration because fortunately the vast majority have the ability to be humble and share, in addition to their experiences, their knowledge, their career, the tricks that day by day helped them clear potholes, although there are also those types of bosses that nothing you can tell them because unfortunately in their language and in their way of life there is no helping, there is no promoting excellence, there are many who praise us, there are many bosses who are transmitters of excellence and teachers Zionalism.

Thank you for reading!

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Written by   45
3 months ago
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