a father is not the one who spawns, a father is the one who raises

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<Feliz día a los que nos han dado valor además de enseñarnos todo sobre la vida, los que tienen una paciencia infinita y están llenos de amor, comprensión y empatía, que nos acompañan en cada batalla que damos en la vida, feliz día papá>

A large part of the population in the world grew up without their biological father figure, there are many causes of this experience, in my personal experience, due to whoever helped me to come to this world, I abandoned my mother to her fate, but thanks to God, life always has something up its sleeve, the plans that the universe and God have for us border on perfection, although at a certain moment we do not find meaning little by little with the passing of time we will end up agreeing with God and destiny in short, thanking that although their paths are strange at first, little by little they become part of us. Today I have a lot to thank especially three people who have been a fundamental pillar for my life and my satisfactory growth as an adult, who have given me all their love, understanding, tenderness, education, values ​​and unconditional support, thanks to them never in my childhood stage I realized that a father figure was missing, they were in charge of filling it in such a way that they were my everything, thanks to them I understood when I could be more aware of life that a father is not the one who gives you life , a father is the one who accompanies you, guides you and gives you education, transmits love and empathy.

One of those people to whom I will be eternally grateful is my mother who from the first moment she knew that I would come to this world did not hesitate to wait for me and have me, even if a male support that gave her security, women also deserve to be applauded On this day, there are many more than people believe who are doing double duty, with the sole objective of seeing their children grow up with a smile on their face, with the objective of creating better human beings for the world. Today, without a doubt, my admiration and respect is infinite towards my mother and all the women who struggle day by day, working and raising their children alone, because they do not have the male presence, they are warrior women, who without hesitation have heaven assured. , for giving us the opportunity to see the world, for giving us the opportunity to breathe, to have dreams and goals. Hopefully, with the passing of time, I can give much more back to my mother, who undoubtedly deserves all the good things in the world.

Secondly, to the one who from the beginning I accept myself as one more daughter, to my uncle dad, who from the first day he found out that I had arrived in this world, has always tried to give me the best, not only in material matters, truly important lies in being present, in educating with love and respect, in being understanding, tolerant, even though as one grows one looks for one's own paths, I thank him for being the person who always held my hand when I thought I would faint, the person who always tried to make my world a happy one and not a sad one, who was in all my special days since I was a child, who with his example only fills me with the desire to be a better person, to help those who need it most. For him, I can only feel great admiration, for being a great warrior, for never giving up in battles for always insisting, for transmitting the desire, the strength to fight for what I love so much, for not giving up.

Thirdly, to my Grandfather, who was undoubtedly a great pillar in my life and in my mother's, for not abandoning her, for not turning his back on her, on the contrary, always helping her with me and with my brothers, because without hesitation you are more that our grandfather is our father, for being a guide, for being a bearer of values, for educating us with respect, equality, for sowing in us the seed of humility, for always caring for others, things that today we see more and more lost, thanks to you I can teach future generations quality values, I can tell them that in you I not only found a great grandfather but also a great father, that thanks to you today I am a woman who always tries to be on the right path.

GRATITUDE is the feeling that overwhelms me today, I could not be more satisfied with life for these great beings who have accompanied me during these long 21 years and who have not fainted at any point, on the contrary, they give me the gasoline I need even when I think I will faint, one of them holds me, takes me by the hand, gives me a gesture of love and fills me with strength with words of encouragement that urge me to get up every day, to improve myself and be a better person, but above all with their example of life only impregnate me with desire, desire to fight for my goals, because in them I see examples, examples that many things can be achieved in life, working every day for our dreams, thanks to them today I am more tenacious. You truly taught me what it means for a father to exercise the most important role in his life correctly, the role of fatherhood, you not only did it well with me, you exceeded all those expectations because you did it wonderfully, I can only feel a great pride for you because nothing will have more value in this life than all the moments we have gone through together, all the love you have given me, because today I owe all that I am to you, HAPPY DAY LOVES OF MY LIFE, THANK YOU , THANKS THANKS.

Today is a day with great value, but it is a day that we should extend to every day, because our parents deserve to be celebrated all year round, for the great effort they make to keep their families afloat day by day, even despite of truly having bad days, they never give up, their goal is to give us the best and not only that fill us with love, fill us with many values, these little things that hardly anyone values ​​are the ones that are undoubtedly the most relevant in life. Celebrate your loved ones even with something minimal, those are the things that undoubtedly have much more value in life, never stop hugging or saying how much you love them, we don't know when the last time will be, don't waste time, turn it into time value.

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