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Evening Stroll & Jog at Titiwangsa Lake Park

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2 months ago

Last weekend, I went for a jog at an urban park named Titiwangsa Lake Park in Kuala Lumpur with two of my friends. It's my first time here and I can't wait to explore the place.

Looks like a huge park!

My friends warming up to prepare for the jog.

We were first greeted by this lake view with famous buildings in KL such as KLCC and National Art Gallery in the background. Love the greeneries around the lake too. Such a beautiful sight!

There were also people playing paddleboard on the lake. Looks fun!

One thing I like about this park is that they have a well-paved pathway, which I think it's a huge delight to people who wants to stroll, jog or cycle in the park.

I'm not sure how is the usual crowd of this place, but it was filled with human beings last weekend. 😂 Many people rented individual or tandem bikes (bicycles with 2 seats) to ride around the park, which makes our jog a little difficult. We need to constantly stop to avoid getting hit by people.

With the smooth pathway, this is also a nice place to ride the scooter. I remember I used to play that when I was young. 🛴

There were families who brought food and had a mini picnic at the table.

Some had it under the big tree too, overlooking the beautiful lake. :)

I like that they did some painting on the toilet building to match the surrounding greeneries. 😄

They even painted on the TNB electricity meter box! Hahaha. A colourful catfish!

This... I contemplated for quite a while. Is this a turtle or a fish? It looks like a turtle head to me... yet it has scales and a fin... 🤔 What do you think this is? Hahaha

There's also a beautiful cafe in the park. Nice to have a tea break here with the greeneries around. Comforting to the eyes and soul. ☕

Then I walked past this beautiful little pond with pink and white lotus flowers. There are mini waterfalls too (if you can see them). 😁

As I walked across a bridge overlooking the pond below, I saw fishes and tortoises. I was reminded that my friend brought his sons to release their 2 tortoises pet in this park a few months ago. I wonder if the 2 big tortoises in the photo are theirs. Can you spot it? Haha

Then we came to the playground, which is packed with parents and children.

One of the hotspots of this park.

Such a huge playground equipment! It almost looks like a circus round cage! 🎪😜

A good place for the kids to burn their energy. Run children, run! 😄

Next to the playground is an area called Water Play.

It's actually like a mini water theme park!

This is considered a fairly huge area for the children to play.

This is my first time seeing a "water theme park" in a park. Haha, and it's a free entrance!

The children were having so much fun!

This marks an end to my 3.8km walk. Nice to stroll along this beautiful park. Hope to come again when there are lesser people! 😄

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Written by   12
2 months ago
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This is my kind of park! I love the lake views and also the paintings on the meter box. Nature and art. Two things that I love 💗

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2 months ago

Yes! I love nature and art too! A combination of both certainly brings contentment to my eyes and heart 💗

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2 months ago