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I like you

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1 year ago

I wish I could say that

But things are better left unsaid

I know I dont stand a chance

I know I wasn't the typical girl a guy would like

But eversince that day I saw you

I let my self have this feeling

And it was like you were an anime guy, I kept on dreaming

You exist in my fantasy

But not in reality

Because in this real world,

I cant have you

Maybe it would be alright to stay in this way

I could steal a glance whenever we pass by

Sometimes special things happen like when we accidentally have an eye to eye And how I secretly ask your name and do an alibi

Now I had a chance to stalk you through social media

I even tried to follow you going home from school,but I lost sight of you It was a bad idea

I know it sounds creepy but I also listen to every music you share on your timeline How the lovers in the songs sings their line

How it makes me fell asleep in time

Then one day I woke up from this dream

Realizing I should stop this feeling

Knowing I will end up with nothing

I was a fool to keep on fantasizing

Maybe theres just really no such thing like you and me

There's no way a dream can be turned into reality,and a reality can be turned into a fantasy But I want you to know that

I'll be always watching from afar

Looking at you like how I look at the stars

And wishing someday I could have you in my arms.

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Written by   4
1 year ago
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So cool love this article

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1 year ago