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BitcoinCash & Other Cryptos

Bitcoin Cash is at its red days, so what does this mean?? ITS TIME TO BUY!

If you're into hodl 'ing your BCH and waiting for it to fly to moon again, its the time to increase what you have.

If you had read my last written article, it is about how to earn bitcoin cash. I've listed some platforms that can help you earn BCH. I've also mentioned about faucet and websites which can help you earn more cryptos not just bch, and this article is all about that faucets.


What does faucet mean? This term is commonly used in cryptoworld which means- a cryptocurrency reward system which gives out small amounts of coins or tokens to registered users for completing an easy tasks. Faucets are so-called since they usually 'drip' fractional amounts of cryptocurrency at certain time intervals. Like what is stated, it only gives small amount, so you really need hardwork, perseverance, diligince and patience. Well, earning always comes in small amount at the beginning.

Faucets can be really profitable if one uses it strategically. This is the easiest and inexpensive way to earn BCH and other cryptos for free. If you have spare time to burn, then do it in crypto faucet, who knows, you might accumulate a big amount of coins/tokens which can be of high value.

Here are the list of some faucets which you can try to visits and start earning:

  • Cointiply ( is a bitcoin site in which you can earn Bitcoin that can be withdrawn to your bitcoin wallet address. You can collect up to 200 satoshis per hour, but you need a minimum of 35,000 satoshis to make a withdrawal. You can earn here through answering surveys, doing mission in offerwalls (like installing an App or trying some game in another website), visiting third party website and Ptc (PayToClick Ads).

  • Bitcoinker ( it is a faucet where you can log in by just entering your bitcoin wallet address. You earn satoshis by just solving captchas and claim satoshis every 5minutes. Your earnings will be stored on the website and will automatically credited to your wallet once you reach 20,000 satoshis.

    captcha like this 👇

  • Faucet Crypto (, just like cointiply, you can earn satoshis by visiting third-party websites, Paid Offers & Surveys, Ptc (PayToClick) Advertisements and Clicking the button to get the bonus reward, the button enables every after 25 minutes.

  • Doge-Coin Faucet ( - all you need was to input your dogecoin address (faucetwallet) and you can claim free dogecoin every hour by just solving a captcha. The earning were directly sent to your wallet once claimed. Prizes ranges from .003 - .001 doge coin every claim.

  • Keran (

  • Bagi -( - these two faucet are almost the same, when I first try this faucet, you can claim every 10minutes, but after a month it has change to every hour. Just choose whatever coins you want to claim,enter the faucetwallet address of the choosen coin to log in. You can withdraw after every claim or let it accumulate and then withdraw.

  • Crypto Earns (https://www.crypto❤ *delete the heart- it is a bitcoin faucet in which you can claim up to 2 satoshis every 5mins. All you need was enter your btc faucet wallet address, log in, solve the captcha and claim.

These are some of the faucet pay that i have learned/seen while i was browsing my noise. All of these are shared by other user, I tried all of them but I frequently visits the sites which I can earn and withdraw easily. That's the Crypto Earns faucet.

Pros & Cons

Participating in crypto faucets have its advantages and disvantages, though i will not elaborate, here are some;


  • Time consuming

  • Very low amount of earnings

  • Pop-up ads can be annoying

  • Some third-party websites are not legit

  • Website down

  • Minimum Widrawal too big


  • Easy task/missions

  • Easy withdrawal options (if you already have *faucet wallet)

  • F R E E (no need for money investment)

  • Can be done in phone and desktop

  • No commitment

  • Anyone can join & earn

  • Multiple ways of earning

*faucet wallet

If you already decided to try some of these faucet websites, you must have a faucet wallet. All of your earnings in different websites can all be stored in 1 faucet wallet.

You can sign up here 👉


People who don't have any idea about cryptos may find these faucets as a waste of time. But those who are aware don't have any negative view of them. Ofcourse, there are a lot of scam sites out there, so you must have to find the legit ones. Remember that legit sites only give reward such as satoshis (smallest portion of a bitcoin), if its too big like 1btc or 1bch, it is a scam.

Just like a normal faucet where water droplets drip slowly, these websites are like that. Slowly but surely. If you would have put a bowl under a faucet with a very little drip of water, that bowl will be full in time. Only time and patience is needed. If you have several faucets, then it is better.

" Little by little, a little becomes a lot. "


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Thank you for reading, Happy Earnings 🤑

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Written by   25
1 year ago
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