Road to Opening 1000 Chaos Legion Packs - Week 36 | Splinterlands #214

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5 months ago

Another week has gone by in my challenge to open 1000 Chaos Legion packs, and I will closely monitor and transparently share all details about the challenge in these posts.

Road to opening 1000 Chaos Legion Packs Week 36 Update

Another milestone has been achieved with the challenge. We have passed 75% completion of this challenge, and it's bonkers to me that I have been doing this challenge for close to 10 months. Some weeks it's challenging when all you see are red and negative values from opening the packs. But, as I have written many times, I am focusing on the long-term and look to see this challenge as part of my investment into the splinterlands ecosystem. Onto this week's pack opening, it's exhilarating to get a legendary card, even if it's a regular foil edition. Also, the yield has been stable at -$0.90 per pack, which provides further data that opening packs is generally a loss for players.

Key Cards

Pickings have been slim the past few weeks, so getting a legendary monster is better than nothing. What's better is receiving a legendary that I needed to allow my alt account to have enough cards to level it up. Also, I received two gold foil cards of decent value – a gold foil General Sloan and a gold foil Life Sapper, both of which have long-term use!


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