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Pirate Archer Battle Challenge || Ep. #27 || Splinterlands

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1 year ago

This week's Splinterlands battle challenge focuses on the Pirate Archer:

The Pirates of ΛZMΛRÉ have destroyed countless ships and crews with muskets and cannons, but recently they have added archery to their arsenal. Their arrows explode into flame upon contact. When they attack at night, the Archers like to go for the sails first; it makes a nice light show.


The Pirate Archer is a low mana cost range monster for the Water Splinter. I generally prefer to use the superior Pirate Captain, but for low mana cap battles, I find the Pirate Archer to be a very useful card. I have leveled the card up to level 5 which provides a respectable 2 range damage, 2 speed and 3 health. The blast ability is useful when you have the Pirate Archer in the back row of the battle.


I came up against a very tough opponent and the person who introduced me into the game, @costanza. I knew I was in for a tough with the triple heal that @costanza had lined up for me. This battle's ruleset was equalizer and therefore I decided to repeat the same mistakes as I made last week by playing Peaceful Giant to capitalise on the massive health. Alas, even though I gave it a good fight and Pirate Archer was doing great damage for its low mana cost - I wasn't able to do enough damage to outpace the triple heal that @costanza had going. I still have a lot to learn but thats the beauty of Splinterlands! Full Battle Replay

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Written by   46
1 year ago
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