Lone Boatman Weekly Battle Challenge || Ep. #74 || Splinterlands

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This week's battle challenge focuses on the Lone Boatman:

Covering the dirtiest work in the land, the Boatmen are an extremely important piece of the Khymian societal machine. They manage the fishing and seafood industry, but also maintain the boats and control all InterSplinter trade. Boatmen are the only Khymians to live consistently outside the mountain walls. Sadly, when Khymeria is attacked by outside forces, the Boatmen are the first to know. They are however, a physical force to be reckoned with.

Card Details

An Untamed common rarity monster from the Life Splinter at level 1:

  • Estimated cost: $0.035

  • Mana cost: 5

  • Range attack: 2

  • Speed: 2

  • Health: 3

  • Armor: 1

  • Snipe ability: Targets enemy Monsters with Ranged, Magic, or no attack that are not in the first position.

Unfortunately, the Lone Boatman is one of those cards that gets lost in the sea of other splinterlands monsters card. It's one of those cards that has ok stats all round but doesn't offer my splinterlands deck anything that makes me want to go out and invest in it to get to a reasonable level. Its unique aspect is that it is one of the only range attack cards with armour and, at level 5, unlocks the repair ability. Having a ranged monster in the backline with armour and the ability to repair its armour can help your Life Splinter deck.

Battle - Full Battle Replay

Battle Details

  • Mana cap: 40

  • Ruleset(s): Back to Basics, Odd Ones Out

Lineup Details

  • Tyrus Paladium (Summoner): +1 armor

  • Sacred Unicorn: primary tank and melee damage dealer

  • Magi Sphinx: primary magic damage dealer

  • Goblin Chariot + Lone Boatman + Air Elemental + Silvershield Sheriff: backline range damage dealers

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

I am showcasing this battle from my alt account as I don't have the Lone Boatman levelled up to compete in the Diamond League. This was a fascinating battle which I got lucky as my opposition played three melee monsters, which worked in my favour. I instead opted to stack my backline range monsters as much as I could. Having a range backline of monsters doing a combined 10 range damage proved to be pivotal. Lone Boatman played his part in chipping away at the enemy monsters and having that additional armour buff, and I was confident that it would survive the battle.

Do you like the Lone Boatman? Why or why not?

After playing the battle with the Lone Boatman on my alt account, I can see the usefulness it may bring to the Life Splinter. Having a ranged monster with armour and the repair ability can prove to be pivotal in a battle. But alas, it's not a card I will actively be investing in to get it to a good level. It's not because of the price, as its relatively cheap to get it to a good level for my main account (~$4), but I would rather play a Neutral Splinter range monster like Centaur or Mantoid. Nonetheless, I will continue to collect these cards as I open untamed packs that I sometimes receive in completing the daily quests.

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