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Has Rent to Earn Put Splinterlands Into Its Unique Category? | Splinterlands #105

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2 months ago

The debate about rent vs. buying property has been going on for decades, with many books, podcasts, videos, and blog posts dedicated to this post. The property buyers camp continues to shill the pros of homeownership such as; tax breaks for homeowners, freedom, ownership of owning your home, the potential for rental income, property as an investment, etc. The other side of the coin - the renting tribe shouts about the pros of renting; no maintenance costs, shorter lease agreements giving the renter freedom to move, avoiding a bad investment. I could go on and on, but this topic is a google search away, and I wrote this paragraph paraphrasing a couple of the posts I read in preparing to write this post.

You may be thinking; WTF has this got to do with splinterlands?

If you haven’t been living under a rock or are new to the game, splinterlands has released the rental market feature. Since its release, this feature has proven to be quite popular with the splinterlands community. I have been reading many excellent experiments with existing players opening up new splinterlands account but with a twist of only using rental assets (shoutout to @khazrakh and @jacekw).

Has splinterlands changed the game with rent to earn?

Yes, I think so. In the traditional property rental model, you rent a property for a variety of reasons. After the lease is over, you are out, and all you are left with are the memories of that time you lived in that rental property. With the splinterlands rental model, i.e., rent to earn, players can rent NFTs and put them to use in their daily quests, tournaments, and brawls. If you are a skilled player, using rental NFTs will help you climb to a higher league and give you a chance at more loot chests. I am trying to say that in splinterlands you use rental NFTs to help you earn NFTs that you may get by completing the quests mentioned above. That’s a game changer.

I may be drinking some dark energy crystal Koolaid, but that is pretty damn unique and groundbreaking.  From my knowledge of crypto games, this rental market feature puts splinterlands into a particular category. I don’t know of any crypto or blockchain game that allows players to rent NFTs and put them to use to earn.

What do you think – have you been benefiting from the new rental market?

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Thank you for reading and hope you have a good rest of the day!

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Written by   46
2 months ago
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