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Do these 4 Steps to Give You Peace of Mind For Retirement

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1 month ago

Planning and commitment are needed to achieve sound financial security in retirement. Herewith are some steps to start your planning for retirement

Plan your Goal and start saving.

If you have the habit of saving being it for retirement or for otherwise keep continuing! Saving is a rewarding habbit. I would say we must start the habbit of savings from childhood. Children should be educated on the benefits of savings. Parents can reward the child when she/he achieves a certain amount of savings. If you have not started yet to save for retirement it is the time to start never it is too late. Don't delay! Retirement saving should be your priority. Develop a plan with goals and stick to it.


Identify your retirement needs.

Key to a secure retirement is to plan ahead. Retirement is costly. To maintain your standard of living when you retire you should save a fare amount of your current income. Due to the inflation and cost of living going to increase in future years you should factor these also when planning the amount to save each month.


Follow basic investment principles.

Know about the investment and crypto options. Always diversify the investment and crypto options; there is a saying, Don't put all the eggs in one basket. This saying is more appropriate in retirement planning. Invest in different investment types which not only improve the return but also reduce the high risk of investing in a single plan. Investment mix change over time depending on the age, period and the goals. Security in retirement plan is utmost important factor.


Don't Withdraw your retirement savings.

Always refrain from touching your retirement savings before actual retirement. Prevent from doing that mistake! If you happen to do it once there is high chance that you may repeat the same mistake. By a single withdrawal you may loose the tax benefits attached to it.

Many of us are in the crypto space; it allows us to break the shackles from the employment rat race and potentially deliver that financial freedom that may not be possible by grinding fiat through jobs and traditional financial methods. But more important, saving in any form matters a lot,  and it's essential to build a habit of saving.

Thank you for reading and hope you have a good rest of the day!

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Written by   46
1 month ago
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Very thoughtful piece from your end. I appreciate the level of insight on investment plan especially regarding retirement. Currently on that tangent as I accumulate a number of coins on my decentralized multi-coin wallet application from

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