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Defender of Truth Weekly Battle Challenge || Ep. #137 || Splinterlands

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1 week ago
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This week's battle challenge focuses on the Defender of Truth:

Card Details

An alpha/beta edition Epic rarity monster from the Life Splinter at level 3:

  • Estimated cost: ~$380

  • Mana cost: 3

  • Magic damage: 2

  • Speed: 4

  • Armor: 1

  • Health: 3

  • Protect ability: All friendly Monsters gain +2 Armor.

What do you get when you mix anime artwork and a traditional Paladin RPG role type? You get the Defender of Truth, a protector of all that is holy and good, a peacekeeper and beacon of hope for all citizens of Khymeria. The Defender of Truth was previously covered in a previous battle challenge. In the post, I mentioned that it's a card that is underrated and under-utilized. I enjoy using it as part of a team that consists of monsters that buff friendly monsters through armor, speed, and health and debuff the enemy monsters through a decrease in health, speed, etc. It's funny looking back in Feb 2021 when the prices of splinterlands cards hadn't exploded, and the number of players was barely getting above 10k daily players. The same level 3 card back in Feb 2021 set me back $6.5. The same card is now worth, $380 - 5800% increase! 


Battle - Full Battle Replay

Battle Details

  • Mana cap: 48

  • Rulesets(s): Silenced Summoners, Little League

Lineup Details

  • Tyrus Paladium (Summoner): +1 armor to all friendly monsters (negated though due to Silenced Summoners)

  • Crystal Werewolf: chosen due to Little League ruleset as the primary tank in position 1 as well as having Thorns ability to inflict additional damage.

  • Baby Unicorn: support tank with awesome team buffs - increase speed and increase health to all friendly monsters

  • Feral Spirit: automatic inclusion in Little League rulesets due to high speed and Sneak ability

  • Defender of Truth: primary magic damage and buffing the team with +2 armor

  • Divine Healer: automatic inclusion in Life Splinter battles to heal Crystal Werewolf in position 1

  • Peacebringer: providing that DPS range damage


Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

The quintessential battle between good and evil was on display here with a fight between the Life Splinter and the Death Splinter. I came up against an opponent who had a few higher levelled monsters than I did on paper. They didn't anticipate and had a counter for all those buffs applied to my team - increased speed, health, and armor. The Defender of Truth was a real Paladin champion in this battle. Inflicting a few killing blows on enemy monsters and keeping other friendly monsters alive with Protect ability. The Defender of Truth proved its weight in gold in this battle, and I knew the victory was sealed when the Twisted Jester had fallen. 


Do you like the Defender of Truth? Why or why not?

Listen, it's a no-brainer that I am glad I managed to get Defender of Truth before the gold rush hit splinterlands and spiked all cards. I am sad I didn't stack more cards of it when I had a chance back in the day. Paladins Wizards, in their nature, are never going to be the front runners in battles and would rather hang back and provide support through buff spells, and I find the Defender of Truth epitomizes this role very well. Is it a card that's a game-changer? No, but it's a handy card in the Life Splinter, and as proven in the above battle, it's super-valuable when paired with other monsters. If you have the money and want to bolster your Life Splinter collection, monitor the price of Defender of Truth over the coming months, especially when Chaos Legion packs drop on the market. The Defender of Truth is undoubtedly a valuable card to have in the collection.

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Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a good rest of the day!

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Written by   50
1 week ago
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