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Close Range Weekly Battle Challenge | Splinterlands #107

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2 months ago

This week's battle challenge focuses on the Beatrix Ironhand...

We interrupt this week's battle challenge with news that I don't have Beatrix Ironhand, so I have decided to focus on the Close Range ruleset as this ruleset is the same ability Beatrix unlocks at level 1:

Monsters with the Close Range ability can perform ranged attacks from the first position.

Close Range Ruleset

The Close Range Ruleset strategy guide by Chris Roberts provides a detailed strategy on playing this ruleset. The post declares that playing this ruleset allows you to try different strategies using range monsters who are allowed to attack from the first position. Now, even when faced with this ruleset, I tend to go with Lord Arianthus in position 1, but then I have the rest of the backline setup with range monsters. I like to have monsters that are in position 1 that are hard to kill. This would mean monsters with armor, shield, or heal ability. These are some monsters I would consider based on my criteria.

Battle - Full Battle Replay

Battle Details

  • Mana cap: 25

  • Rulesets(s): Close Range, Keep Your Distance

Lineup Details

  • Lyanna Natura (Summoner): +1 health

  • Lord Arianthus: who else but the king of passive tanks

  • Javelin Thrower: primary range damage + dodge ability to dodge attacks

  • Wood Nymph: support magic damage + tank heal for Lord Arianthus

  • Highland Archer: low mana cost support range damage

  • Swamp Thing: low mana cost debuffs range monster

  • Earth Elemental: primary range damage + heal ability

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

I feel I won this battle for 2 key reasons. Firstly, the opposition decided to go for 6 range damage + 3 magic damage, whereas I opted for 8 range damage + 1 magic damage. Secondly, and more importantly, the battle was won by having Lord Arianthus in position 1. My opposition Onyx Sentinel, while being a fantastic and cheaper alternative to Lord Arianthus, the Onyx Sentinel can't beat the king. My strategy going into the battle was to get Lord Arianthus to absorb damage and reflect damage through thorns and magic reflect. If it fell, I had 2 beefier range monsters lined to step up to position 1, namely Javelin Thrower (position 2) and Earth Elemental (position 6). But alas, Lord Arianthus coupled with the +2 range damage that I had over my opposition, was enough to land a comfortable victory. 

Do you like the Close Range Ruleset? Why or why not?

Whether I like it or not doesn't really matter, but how can you adapt to it when faced with this ruleset. From the monsters mentioned above, I realize that I need to acquire the Poseidon and level up Cornealus. The problem is that both of these cards have gone up like crazy the past month, so that's not feasible. I have realized that I may need to get comfortable with testing out a few of the strategies listed by Chris Robert and looking to try new tactics like using high damage range blast monsters or range monsters with the blind ability. As always, this was a fun post to do to go right back to basics and learn something new at the time. 

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Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a good rest of the day!

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Written by   46
2 months ago
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