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Cheaper Alternatives to Kron The Undying | Splinterlands #116

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1 month ago

It's been quite a while since I have done a cheaper alternative series post. I enjoy doing these, and they often reveal insights that I wasn't aware of:

For today's post, I want to explore one of the current most OP monsters in splinterlands – Kron the Undying. This magic tank monster is often paired up with Sacred Llama Mage, and these two often serve as the demise of many players.

What makes Kron the Undying so OP?

A good magic tank must be hard to kill, and Kron the Undying has health in spades! Coupled with the fact that it has abilities that aid in improving its survivability, such as Heal, Divine Shield, and Last Stand, and then most importantly can also deal a decent punch with magic damage. To begin the search for potential alternatives, I will use the following combinations and look for cards that meet the criteria at the lowest level:

  • Magic damage 3+, Heal ability

  • Magic damage 3+, Divine Shield ability

  • Magic damage 3+, Last Stand ability

Magic damage 3+, Heal ability

In this category, it seems that the only other magic monster that has heal ability is the Gold Dragon, but it only acquires the healing ability at level 2. Thus Kron is the cheaper option, and therefore Kron is the more affordable option by 13%!

Magic damage 3+, Divine Shield ability

In this category, we have a few more options. Bila the Radiant is the cheapest option, but unfortunately doesn't have the survivability health that Kron has! It's a tough choice. Is Kron worth 7 times more than Bila? It does have 50% more health and both Heal and Divine Shield ability.


Magic damage 3+, Last Stand ability

In the final category, the cheapest option is a level 8 Efreet Elder, at almost 18 times more affordable than Kron, but it requires a maxed-out summoner to play it.


This is going to be a difficult one to recommend any cheaper alternative. The above options offer alternatives, but can they deliver what the Kron offers as a magic tank? Unfortunately not, lucky for us and the rental system, you can snag a level 1 Kron the Undying for 100.000 DEC (~$0.762) per day.  

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Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a good rest of the day!

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Written by   46
1 month ago
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