Cheap OP Cards - Prismatic Energy || Ep. #52 || Splinterlands

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This will be an on-going series that will give new players a decent head start with splinterlands by focusing on overpowered monster cards that can be a cost-effective and useful investment to their starter decks.

Prismatic Energy


A Gloridax experiment gone awry has resulted in a blinding Prismatic Energy loose in the Splinterlands. The Gloridax news briefs have assured the public that there is only one Prism on the loose, but the mysterious Energy moves fast, leaving a wake of magical destruction wherever it goes.

Card Details

  • Rarity: Rare

  • Splinter: Neutral

  • Magic damage: 1

  • Speed: 3

  • Health: 9

Current Market Price Details

A single BCX card of Prismatic Energy will cost $0.122. I would recommend leveling it up to level 5 as this unlocks the Void ability. At level 5, it becomes very useful with 2 magic damage, 10 health, 4 speed, and 2 above-mentioned abilities. At level 5, it will cost $2.37.

Prismatic Energy top battles across different leagues 

The following battles showcasing the Prismatic Energy battles across the different leagues. This gives everyone an idea of how powerful this magic tank can be.

Usage and win rate of Prismatic Energy for each league

Stats provided by @Jacekw who produces wonderful season reports for splinterlands cards:

Closing Thoughts

A powerful magic attack tank with two amazing abilities - Magic Reflect (when hit with a magic attack does reduced magic damage back to the attacker) and Void (reduced damage from magic attacks). This should be a must purchase card for any new player to splinterlands.

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