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A new journey on sorare and 25% ROI in 2 weeks | Sorare #1

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2 weeks ago

sorare is a Blockchain-based fantasy football (soccer) game where users may trade NFTs, participate in tournaments, and fight for prizes worth thousands of pounds... every week. It essentially combines Fantasy Premier League with NFTs. Using my ref link, you can get a Limited reward card after winning 5 Limited card auctions. This is pivotal in getting you started.

I have for the past year have heard of sorare on and off but always brushed over it as it seemed very expensive to get into (still is!), and you needed ETH to participate, which the gas fees always puts me off. A few things changed that made me dig a bit deeper into it a couple of weeks ago.


Firstly, on Friday, August 13th, sorare introduced a new Limited card set. This edition will have a 1000 card maximum supply per NFT. This edition is intended to give new players a chance to get into the game without spending $500 - $1000 to put together a team. With this edition, a new division was introduced where only Limited cards may be used.

Secondly, I found that sorare had introduced a payment provider that allowed you to use your credit card to fund your account. Thirdly, a couple of weeks ago, I was exploring, looking for a new game to get into. I was getting tired of Alien Worlds (subsequently have dropped the game), and as an avid FPL player, the concept of fantasy football and NFTs is very alluring. I signed up under @friendlymoose ref, and I started my journey.


What do I want to get out of this journey? I want to keep track of whether it's possible to win rewards without investing vast amounts of money. Also, I want to observe whether it's possible to use my football knowledge to trade, buy and flip NFTs.


So how have the first 2 weeks gone?


I have spent $229.84 on purchasing NFTs. This is a lot higher than I originally intended. I had set a limit of $120, but then I identified a couple of players on the Auction Market that I determined would be good candidates for flipping.


Gallery (Squad of NFTs)

I will be highly impressed if anyone recognizes these football players. I decided to focus my attention on building a team from the Eredivisie as it was much cheaper than the more popular leagues. I have managed to flip 2 players from the table above for a total profit of 0.012 ETH ($42).


25.53% ROI in 2 weeks

The NFTs I have in my club have appreciated by 0.005 ETH and are worth 0.049 ETH. I also currently have 0.034 ETH in my sorare wallet from sales. Based on my calculations, my P/L for the past 2 weeks is $58.67, equating to 25.53% ROI on my deposits. This isn't bad as I joined during the international week, so I couldn't participate in the Division 5 league because none of the players were selected for their national teams.


Division 5 Team

No household names here, and I didn't even know these players before I started playing sorare. However, these players were within my budget, and their sorare scores were decent for what I paid for them. I have low expectations regarding how my team will fair in this weekend's competition as these players are not playing for the top 2 teams in Eredivisie (Ajax and Feyenoord).



The past 2 weeks on sorare have been good. The platform has potential, and they have announced today a significant partnership with La Liga, which bodes for adoption and traction of the platform and game. As some of you who have read my splinterlands series (up to 118 posts), what makes splinterlands the hottest play 2 earn game is that you can start playing with a $10 summoner pack. This low entry price allows players from wide and far to be able to start playing.


On the other side of the coin, sorare allows players to play for free for 8 weeks, but if you want to start competing in the weekly competition, you must invest. While the Limited cards have lessened the requirements, I still spent $120 on an average team. And when you read all the tips and guides out there about sorare, the recommended starting budget is $500+. This puts sorare out of reach for many players.


Nonetheless, the allure of fantasy football, football, and NFTs is alluring to me. Also, I want to document this journey and see whether it's possible to build my account by flipping and trading with what I have deposited into the game. I don't know how often I will update this journey, but as I get more familiar, I will look to get out more content about the platform, guides, tips, etc. It also depends if this is the kind of content that people want to read.  

Thank you for reading and hope you have a good rest of the day!

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Written by   47
2 weeks ago
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