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4 Reasons Why Splinterlands Will Displace Alien Worlds | Splinterlands #118

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2 weeks ago

It's pretty apparent we are in a full-blown bull market territory with splinterlands. For many months, I tracked the top crypto games, and splinterlands was always languishing with sub-7k daily active players, then sub-8k, then sub-9k, and so on. Things are a lot more different nowadays with not a day going by that splinterlands not having less than 100k daily active players.

Look at that; it's edging closer and closer to displace Alien Worlds as the number 1 crypto game. Alien Worlds for many a month capitalized on the moniker of being the biggest crypto game in the metaverse.

So why will splinterlands outpace and outlast the biggest game in the metaverse?

Active Development

The splinterlands dev team constantly communicates, interacts, and keeps the community abreast of everything going on in and around the splinterlands game and ecosystem. Whereas the Alien Worlds game hasn't had an update in about 6 months? Promised new planets and new game modes that were supposed to be delivered are non-existent and nowhere to be seen.


Gameplay Mechanics

Let's face it; Alien Worlds is an idle mining game with some spreadsheet mechanics behind it to maximize the mining yield. Configure tools, choose the land to mine on, maximize spreadsheet percentage, and click 'mine.' On the other hand, splinterlands is akin to traditional tactical card games with many nuances and strategies at play upon entering the battle!



As a p0x blogger, @trocproclock said, the Binance listing was the best and worst thing to happen to Alien Worlds. Alien Worlds token, TLM, was listed, and the game exploded in users, and there was certainly lots of fanfare around it. However, the Alien Worlds team seemed to have failed to capitalize on this fanfare and deliver on promises. Yes, I could sell my TLM as I didn't see much use for it apart from buying or upgrading tools, but staking didn't serve many purposes. Splinterlands tokenomics is rich, and there are many facets to it -> DEC, SPS, and SPT. All have a use and can be utilized to add more value to your splinterlands collection.



I haven't encountered a blockchain game where the community is constantly churning out content through social media posts, videos, and blog posts. There is so much content being produced by the splinterlands community daily that it's challenging to keep up to date. It's a stroke of genius from the splinterlands dev team to run weekly writing challenges either through social media challenges, weekly battle challenges, and other challenges and then provides juicy upvotes. Whereas, Alien Worlds, there were many YouTube videos hype when the game was listed on Binance, but that was a short-term effect.



Splinterlands future is bright; Choas Legion is around the corner, and Lands' functionality will be released by the end of the year. I may be ignorant, but active development, transparency, and constant community interactions are vital to sustaining and growing any crypto game. These seem synonymous with the splinterlands dev team, and it's great to be part of this journey.

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Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a good rest of the day!

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Written by   47
2 weeks ago
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I tried Alien Worlds and I can't express my frustration enough about the four hours I lost with it. This time is irreplaceable now. Anyway, I still haven't found time to test Splinderlands although I keep reading about it for more than two years. Perhaps the fact that this is a cards game that you need to pay to play, and perhaps pay a lot too is what puts me off.

I used to be a hardcore gamer, highly competitive and trying to reach the top at any game I played (MMORPGs, 3Dshooters, Strategy, anything at all) but I've always avoided pay to win games since they are created to suck all the money from our pockets. To play any game it has to be entertaining. Alien Worlds was not even a game. Terrible design, zero gameplay. It just had a piece of great ambient music that after some time it got boring too.

Now, I hope one day I will find time and mood to start Splinterlands, but I haven't done so yet, because I'm afraid of finding once again something boring and not entertaining, while also trying to suck all the crypto it can find from my wallet.

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2 weeks ago

Thanks for the detailed reply. I lost about 9 months of time 'playing' Alien Worlds. Last week, I sold my tools and deleted the game from my browser.

I would recommend splinterlands as you can start with as little as $10, but as know with these kind of games, in order for you to get to the top, you will need to be shelling out some hard earned crypto. However, you can opt to grind out the daily and seasonal rewards and build up slowly from there without having to spend anything.

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2 weeks ago

you can opt to grind out the daily and seasonal rewards and build up slowly from there without having to spend anything.

Thanks for the tip. How much time this activity will require daily? Assuming I've paid the $10.

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2 weeks ago

In order to complete the daily quests -> 30 mins to 1 hour. Some days you will have a good streak and be able to complete it in less times, others times will encounter high powered decks in your league which will results in defeats and therefore more matches required to complete the daily quest.

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2 weeks ago