CCLEX for the First Time!!

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Last July 26, 2022, I was invited to speak to the youth of our church about "How to Manage the use of Social Media?'
There were 200+ of them and the group was divided into three and I've got to deliver the same message three times 30 minutes for each session. It was a great experience to be with the young ones and be able to impart some knowledge and insights to their young minds.

You might wonder, what does this speaking engagement got to do with the title of this post?? LOL Well, the venue of the said event was in Cordova, Cebu. We live in Cebu City (mainland). On our way to the venue, we took the first Cebu-Mactan Bridge. The Municipality of Cordova is located on a separate Island in the southern part of the Mactan Island. Taking the first bridge meant that we need to pass by Lapu-lapu City then to Cordova.

After the event, we took the Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway back to Cebu City. It was our first time to pass by that route. As they say, There is always the first time. And so to make the most out of the experience, I took a video and created this vlog. My apology, the language we use in the video is Filipino and just a little English. We paid 90 pesos for the toll fee and of we go! The view was breathtaking and the weather during this ride was really great! I just hope you enjoyed the ride with us.

A little Info about CCLEX

The Cebu–Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX), also known as the Cebu–Cordova Bridge, is the the third bridge that connects mainland Cebu and Mactan Island. It spans 8.5 kilometers making it the longest bridge in the entire Philippines.

Our family had an amazing ride at the Third Bridge as it it commonly known. Great bridge architecture and engineering! If you are from Cebu or you have to travel to Cebu, I recommend to take this route.

Thank you for reading and watching!

Until next time!



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