My Legendary Games I Can't Forget

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2 years ago
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My first game adventure started with the arcade that my father bought me at a very young age, on a celebration eve. I remember those years vaguely. It is impossible for me to describe how happy I was at that moment. After spending a long time with the arcade games, I started playing Winning Eleven 7 with our neighbor's son's PlayStation upstairs. Meanwhile, we were playing Counter Strike, GTA Vice City by going to the internet cafe and opening a table with friends. Without further ado, let me talk about the games that I can't forget and whose passwords I still remember.

Super Mario

Like many people, it is my first eye pain. All kinds of turtles, hidden compartments, sections that take hours to pass. If I had to admit one thing, I could never save the princess. I was always hanging and closing the game somewhere.

GTA Vice City

If I remember correctly, it was the first game I played on the computer. It was even the most beautiful open world game I have ever enjoyed playing in my life. Even if we passed by the cops with a bazooka, they would turn around and turn away, lion-hearted policemen, our policemen. Especially, I will never forget those days when we entered the Malibu bar and massacred. Many of his passwords are still in memory.

Counter Strike

The legendary game where we meet friends, enemies, wars, guns, and become known in internet cafes with various nicknames. I usually sniper sniper, I wouldn't feel sorry if I had the opportunity. After the Iceworld map came out, I would make a mess with 4-3.

I came across a very good article about Counter Strike recently, let me attach it here; If a Counter Strike player is scanning with 5-1 in his hand, know that he is a primary school, wait for the magazine to run out and go stab it. If he is in ambush with 4-6 and fires when you show up, know that he is high school, go right and left with the duck movement, go over it, when approaching, throw a headshot. If he has 4-3 in his hand and if he shoots two or three bullets, he stops and squeezes again, know that he is a headmaster with a full mind, don't worry he will find you.

Call Of Duty 2

It was our indispensable game that 8-10 people ran away from school and played in the internet cafe during high school years. Carentan, Stalingrad, Tunisia were our main maps. As with Counter Strike, I was using a sniper here. We wouldn't forgive what we saw at that time. Now we are old.

Fifa 2002

It was the first time we bought a computer home. I was able to play Fifa 2002 without any problems, although it wasn't very good in terms of features. I can even say that I was playing from morning till night. I would mostly play with Barcelona. With Patrick Kluivert, I scored little with a kick from midfield. I got to know a star like Rivaldo with Fifa 2002. Every time I open the game, it would be happy to hear the honorable ieysportstınıgeym word.

Knight Online

It's time for the father of legends. I dedicated the best years of my childhood to this game. Finally, I was banned from a koxp love and never looked at him again. I would go to the internet cafe and never get up from morning to night. This game taught us what trade is. Of course, the firedrake (if I don't remember the name wrong) update was not yet available in the years I played. When that update came, then they started to disrupt the game slowly. I get burned and I burn when I cut the goblin from morning to evening instead of tiring when the skill bug is.

These are the legendary games that I cannot forget. Apart from these, writing a different game would betray these games. So there is no need to crowd the list. By the way, let me also state that this article is a mime. I send it to anyone who wants to answer.

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