Ozone Disco Tragedy, 1996

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Ozone Disco

The Ozone Disco tragedy was one of the worst club fires in history. When the popular disco opened in Quezon City, its contractors never expected a tragedy of this scale. The date was March 18, 1996, when approximately 350 students gathered for a night of partying. As midnight loomed, a fire sparkled for at least 3 times. The partygoers initially thought it was nothing but pyro effects, but when the flames started breaking out, a mass panic followed. Helpless students started to run everywhere, desperately crying for help. To make matters worse, guards had thought a riot was happening and locked the only exit door.

The death toll reached up to 162, horrifying the whole country the day later.

There were several factors behind the Ozone Disco tragedy. The top three were the swing-in doors, lack of fire exit, and overcapacity (Ozone could only house 100 people). Nonetheless, it was a big deal for lawmakers in the Philippines, who were quick to persecute the ones responsible.

More than two decades later, the site is now considered as one of the creepiest haunted places in Metro Manila and is often the subject of a lot of nightmare-inducing horror stories. People who have passed by the now-vacant site claim to have seen ghostly figures watching them from broken windows. Hearing disemboweled voices, crying, and sometimes even laughing is also a common occurrence. But it is said that apparitions of the poor victims are seen not only within the disco hall; people believe that the ghosts are still trying to reach out to their loved ones. Many of the victims’ families hired mediums to get in touch with them. Paranormal investigators have requested the families to “come once, tell them good-bye, and let them go from this hell forever.”

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Brilliant one

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This is a Great article dear. And that Ozone Disco Tragedy has been part of Ph History.

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