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Jason Smith on Entrepreneurs who Use Bitcoin (PODCAST)

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1 year ago (Last updated: 10 months ago)

When I podcasted at I could never lock him down. But Jason Smith finally agreed to an interview. So I dusted off the mic and recorded a one-off episode.

Jason gained notoriety when he tried to pay his employees using the lightning network and his objective critique was met with contempt from Adam Back, Elizabeth Stark and even Nick Szabo, who he genuinely believed to be Satoshi at the time.

Jason shares his views about why is there such little industry attention for general entrepreneurs that try to use these technologies as a payment solution.

By general, I refer to industries that are unrelated to bitcoin looking for better payment methods.

Jason has paid employees with BCH and has had some success, but how does it compare to Western Union and PayPal?

We also discuss his concerns with BCH going forward and the characteristics he looks for in a cryptocurrency.

Listen here:

Direct download link:

There will be an embedded version shortly just waiting on to help make it embedly compatible.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the conversation.

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Written by   44
1 year ago (Last updated: 10 months ago)
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Very insightful talk. Thanks a lot!

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1 year ago

Hi there..could you please upvote my articles for me?? new here

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1 year ago

That was a great interview! Thanks for that :-)

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1 year ago

Awesome show!

I heavily identified with Jason, simply because I suffered the same fate when trying to make use of BTC in commerce .. and it's what has me on overdrive now with the BCH community

Not super into podcast (simply cause they're usually so damn long .. 3hrs+), but I really enjoyed your first episode .. subscribed (here at and looking forward to listening to more 👍

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1 year ago

great interview, enjoying. please more!

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1 year ago