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How to start a Bitcoin Cash house with zero funds

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1 year ago

After seeing BCH House launch successfully in Barquisimeto, Venezuela and Wa, Ghana, I wrote a quick overview of the launch process in case you are curious about launching one yourself.

The plan below is designed to fund an initial proof of concept test of 3-6 months and during which you can develop it into a profitable enterprise.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Find a commercial location that is willing to give 3-6 months rent, ideally between $50-$150 price point.

  2. Calculate additional costs - furniture, sign. Is internet included in the rent price?

  3. Understand the regulatory and legal landscape of your region to help determine the what and how of your service offerings.

  4. After steps 1 and 2, you'll have an idea of the money needed. Hopefully it's in the $800 USD / 3BCH range.

  5. Crowdfund the donations

    1. Connect with the BCH community in Telegram via BCH Gang and CoinSpice chats

    2. Contact the BCH Meetups community. Chris and Akane of are a great resource. They may even send you some swag ;)

    3. Connect with the fellow Bitcoin Cash House founders/operators for support and cross promotion

    4. Create a serious, detailed post on Read.Cash explaining:

      1. Who you are and how you got involved with BCH

      2. The specific goals taliored to your (X location) Bitcoin Cash House. Anything from meetups, educational classes, remittances, training and onboarding devs to the BCH ecosystem. The possibilities are endless.

      3. A breakdown of the funds required.

      4. A donation address.

      5. Note: I can't personally vouch for it, but in the future, may be an option as well.

    5. Share on R/BTC

  6. Use the funds to pay the rent, furniture, internet, and misc costs.

  7. Launch your Bitcoin Cash House with a kick off event.

  8. Continue to share progress, media (photos, videos) iterate, build your business and support BCH at the same time!!


A. The pricing in this post applies to developing countries but can be adjusted for the higher-cost countries in the world.

B. Some would argue to wait until the May 15th hardfork. You certainly can, but remember there are always risks facing BCH or any cryptocurrency.

C. Be careful with security. You don't want to become a bank and hold other's funds.

D. Watch out for the inevitable crypto scam artists that will try to use your hub for their own benefit at the detriment of others.

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1 year ago
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If everything works out with our modular services and the House in Wa (Ghana), I really would love to expand to another BCH House in Uganda. I cannot give a concrete timeframe now, but I aim at getting to that point in about 3 months, when the House is established and the operations are flowing seamlessly.

I already am connected to a potential Ambassador, who is interested and most enthusiastic to create a BCH House with us.

If anyone is reading this and motivated to cooperate with us to expand the Bitcoin Cash House to their region, feel free to reach out to me or the Bitcoin Cash House project. Either through, telegram ( or twitter (@bchghana / @koushBCH).

Thank you for your post, Matt!

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1 year ago

Can you please explain in a few short sentences what exactly is BCH House used for?

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1 year ago

A physical space to educate and promote adoption of Bitcoin Cash and cryptocurrencies.

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1 year ago

The Bitcoin Cash House is a global grassroots movement, that aims to educate local merchants, developers and users about the technology and economy behind cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), as well as how to efficiently utilize them.

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1 year ago

How do you turn it into a business - what is income possibilities when it is up and running?

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1 year ago

This a beautiful writeup, I’ll also love to see responses to the associated comments.

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1 year ago

Hi Ergodan,

Here are 5 income possibilities that may or may not work depending where the BCH house is located.

  1. Buying, selling, brokering BCH and other cryptos .. crypto - to - fiat or crypto to crypto

  2. Education workshops - charging admission to entry

  3. Sponsorships from cryptocurrency companies

  4. Remittance payment services

  5. Create a coworking space - facilitate a place for devs, enterpreneurs interested in crypto to come together. Sell food and beverages. Find additional business opportunities through the network.

As cliche as it sounds, and you can ask the Venezuela and Ghana teams, "If you build it they* will come."

*Business opps.

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1 year ago