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Truly Behind the Play to Earn

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2 months ago

Craziness is what we see with the development of the Axie Infinity blockchain game; its novel way of collecting the game has given shape to a highly profitable economic substrate for those who participate. Undoubtedly, there are many points of view, from the most fierce detractors who do not skimp on qualifying it as a bubble about to burst, to those, entire communities, who do not stop praising the benefits of a system that is demonstrating that blockchain technology and its greatest exponent, cryptocurrencies, are a key element for the process of economic development in new societies.

But really, for this article I will not focus on the magic that Axie Infinity projects, but on how this kind of working scheme, in its game facade, implements all kinds of innovative concepts that we know in the definition of decentralized finance. The form of capitalization and economy that forms around these blockchain games goes beyond a simple exchange and reward system; we are finding the development of financial centers wrapped in unique metaverses that will form an innovative integration with a body of underlying economics that will change many things and evolve with the advancement of cryptocurrency technology and the distributed system of record.

A game like Axie Infinity is awakening not only the enthusiasm of many people to opt in to a larger than estimated reward system, but it allows access to levels of financial growth only seen with cryptocurrencies. The profitability derived from these types of instruments involved in blockchain gaming is only the beginning for the development of new forms and measures that will involve the vast majority of people and will be the protagonist of a unique social impact.

Other metrics, although very timid, are growing exponentially, with people attracted to "play to earn", a term that exposes a broader concept. Interacting in these worlds to earn money is too attractive a formula to pass up, and if they are windows that open to monetize with digital assets that endure over traditional valuation, then the formula is completely unique. Although the concept is not new, blockchain technology leverages this world to expose its best cards and set those people on the deeper side of financial digitization. Axie is just the beginning of a whole revolution that promises a radical change in service structures, nascent businesses and boundaries that are drawn to form working environments developed to drive ready player one style players.

There are already prospects that follow the paths of Lunacia, we still find projects in development such as MIST that will soon find a unique alliance and with a trademark that only mega projects will register in their initial code. There will be more games that may have this classification and for sure there will be more in development, and maybe it will be touched in another article more in depth.

The interesting thing about all this is to explore what is really behind this concept of a single, decentralized and open economy. Of course, we are all free to investigate and come up with our own concept, beyond making money through cryptos, it is necessary that we have a different, deep and different vision of this kind of new age digital work center or focus.

Everything points to the same destination, tokenization is working and advancing by leaps and bounds; let's remember that together with the internet of things and artificial intelligence, blockchain is part of this new generation of development that will mark a unique item in the change we will be living as a society. Today we only see and really look for what is behind a game, but soon we will discover that it is a whole system that goes beyond the economic, it is a whole that seeks to build a new social structure born of these new times of pandemic. Axie is just the beginning, MIST and many more will be part of this range of new blockchain interactions, this will change the world.

It is interesting but with this article I make a request to this type of spaces to begin to treat a whole topic with the label play to earn.

This writing contains proprietary content and there is no room for plagiarism. You can also see it in my blog Publish0x under the following link that I place at the end of this paragraph.

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Written by   57
2 months ago
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