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The Show Must Go On.......without any Paper Machine

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5 months ago

Predicting the Future is almost impossible, but if most are living in the past, by simply understanding the present you can develop certain qualities of becoming develop certain soothsaying qualities. This happens when you study well the fundamentals that support cryptocurrencies, a well-studied support can help to better understand the behavior that absorb these tokens that differs greatly from the price that is recorded in the markets.

The points that we observe in many analysts, Bitcoins at $85,000, $100,000, $288,000 by the end of the year, are not pulled out of the hat, or an Ether at no less than $10,000, are fundamental analyses that are nourished by the advances that this technological representation is causing and what it represents, a hope for many people, even in countries, of a future that looms quite controlling that the elite wants with all these centralized digital currencies.

All of us must focus on the fact that the economy cannot feed on the idea that printing money will solve all problems as this will eventually fail. All countries with a debt based political system, emblematic cases such as America or Europe, will not tire of making money and that these strategies are assigned by centralized bodies such as the US Federal Reserve (FED) or Central Banks.

Now let's compare these estimates with real numbers, just to mention the accumulation of the US debt already reaches 28 trillion dollars, only represented by a continuous succession of prints, this last one with a number of 6 trillion with the new stimulus and not even the first year of President Biden has been completed. There is no useful solution to this situation which is classified as an irreversible form and only leaves one to think that it is part of a response to make the current scenario fail and set up a new financial system headed by the centralized digital currencies of the Banks. The offer of this new scenario already sets the new era of what is known as economic rethinking to the digital in an unoriginal and more aggressive way in terms of the freedoms that this new model would curtail.

So it is not so far-fetched to think of numbers of more than two and three figures for currencies such as BTCETHDOTADALINK or any other that manifests itself in a unique and decentralized development that does not depend on such a bureaucratic entity that branches the government. El Salvador started opening its eyes in making the right decision, it is a matter of time before we see others take this step and there are plenty of examples such as ParaguayUruguayMexicoNigeriaTanzania and even the dubious India.

We are reaching a pre-inflationary stage, the magic of the developed countries is beginning to fade and the wild card of the money printing machine is beginning to fade. Citizens will begin to experience the emergence of problems such as rising prices, the overflow printing of money decreases the value of the dollar; commodities and foods such as wheat or oil, will begin to experience frequent and wider alterations because we will all reach a point of not wanting anything to do with the dollar. We now have 40% more dollars than before the pandemic, when no one wants dollars, the supply will skyrocket and the value of this fiat currency will fall.

The show in many countries will go on, and the world is preparing to face a digital bifurcation, for many easy to respond, for others difficult because of the system of government that falls upon them. The options are summarized in a programmable, centralized and easy to manipulate money with a curtailment of freedoms in the style of the old system.

The alternatives will be sought by the people, this technology must be understood under a protocol to operate without anyone's permission. People think that the best investment is in the accumulation of dollars, I simply recommend to rethink very well your financial position, the changes are hard and there is still time to test new frontiers with cryptocurrencies and let the show run its course for others.

As always I leave in these spaces the links of some of the articles that served me as experience to form this writing. If you want to go deeper on the chosen topic, you can access each of these links and expand your knowledge on this material related to cryptocurrencies.

This writing contains proprietary information and is free of plagiarism. You can also find this article in my Publish0x space under the link placed at the end of the paragraph.

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Written by   58
5 months ago
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I don't think Bitcoin was ever designed to be adopted as 'legal' tender and forced down anyone's throat. It was supposed to be more of a voluntary choice than something that was chosen for you. Also it's a big difference if countries just stockpile bitcoins and pass on useless numbers in the bank account to their citizens - like what El Salvador is doing. This defeats the purpose of decentralization completely.

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5 months ago