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The Return of the Controversial, Libra the Odyssey

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10 months ago

And it was achieved, it is incredible but it was possible to work to launch by early 2021 the opening of Libra, now defined as a stablecoin. But beyond this event, it is always important to know what exists behind this, what is to be achieved with the putting into circulation of a "private" institutional token, with characteristics particularly different from those initially proposed in this project.

I firmly believe that the progress of this event is part of a series of events that will begin to establish a position in those market niches, trying to take advantage of the communicational power that Facebook has built and that also has an elaborate path thanks to the incursion and results that it has achieved with Bitcoin.

Certainly there are many particularities that could be evaluated, and if this stage of the project is favorable, it is not surprising that there are other derivatives that could be understood as part of an internal evolution that manages functionalities that integrate currencies and tokens that are currently in the market.

The possibility of creations and adjacencies are infinite, the competition as well, but the ease and adoption have their path assured. Now we only see a stablecoin, not at all volatile or very little, that will play a role of parity with the dollar, but that will undoubtedly be in force to expand its usability.

He had already written an article criticizing various opinions about the disappearance of Libra and the lack of receptivity he had with several of his sponsors, not to mention the US Senate. But it was really a matter of time to realize that much is at risk and the serious loss of stratospheric numbers when we talk about a whole new unique system that could be part of a complete reset of what we know as an economic whole.

Now I keep writing that this project as it is now known will change, possibly be more aggressive, especially with the competition that comes from the east and from all that hungry mass to catch this wave of opportunities that financial digitization represents at its maximum cryptographic potential.

Likewise, I do not rule out that other initiatives reappear, unclear, such as the case of telegram or we see communicational applications with their cryptographic development flirting with unique ecosystems beyond Etherium or EOS. The DeFi's in the mouth of many and in the code of many.

Simply Libra begins its so controversial stalecoin, that really at this point, with everything that has happened, what happens and what is missing, its incursion is not very relative or striking. Pending because much more will come on the way, evolution and participation, massification and exponential change.

This article contains personal information and there is no room for plagiarism. You can also find this article on my Publish0x blog under the following address.

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Written by   57
10 months ago
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When Libra is launching finally? Is there a date and shall I be on facebook do or this? It must be successful if FB is doing it. Worth watching. And thank you for this update

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10 months ago