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Story of a Tokenized Paradigm

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6 months ago

The change in the financial paradigm is being felt by all of us in and out of the cryptographic world. For those who are inside, this is the expected change, and for those who profess the opposite, it is also the time to leave a useless resistance to something that will inevitably be part of our daily lives. The emergence and preparation of digital exchange systems beyond being a concept already handled, is a window of the true distribution of records that we have with its best presentation in the blockchain.

Undoubtedly, many countries are already focusing on cryptocurrencies as an alternative to the current financial system, for many already in its final stages. However, we can affirm that the dollar as a currency is experiencing a continuous weakening in relation to its exchange form and management.

The very presence of digital currencies operations, beyond their concept, catapults the idea of an economic detachment towards a new digital alternative, either the centralized concepts of Central Banks focused as CBDC or the exchangeable decentralizations led by the dominance of Bitcoin (BTC). The world is being shifted towards a new conception of tokenized location.

Investments in hard assets is starting to be given a fairly significant boost, anything adverse to the print holding currently held against the dollar is taken as a high valuation. This is no coincidence to see it only in the crypto market, it is materializing in other materials, from timber to iron to copper, among others. The combination of ungovernability with a whole new payment infrastructure represents the new efficiency of decentralized currencies.

Protection is found in the reserves of value, among them the Bitcoin, even with its volatility, its deflationary and free function makes it perfect at this stage of the market. The party will continue with the disproportionate printing of money. The damage of this to a productive society is inversely proportional to its level of initiative and entrepreneurship.

The crypto advances are moving new paradigms, the registration and distribution technologies represented in the blockchain are the most adaptable way for new entrants to start. This new generation of investors has a clear profile of what they want, what they do and ultimately, where they don't want to go.

As I always point out, I am not trying to emphasize any investment advice, but if it is in your analysis, a key suggestion is to move towards a new idea in the research of cryptocurrencies and their technological approach as the cutting edge after smart technologies and 5th and 6th generation connectivity.

I leave some links for those who want to deepen in his concept of tokenization and the new pillars that form this paradigm that everyone, economic agents or not, will be in the construction of new construms in this new financial system.

This writing contains proprietary information and there is no room for plagiarism. However, you can also read this article on my Publish0x blog under the link at the end of this paragraph.

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Written by   58
6 months ago
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