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One more step towards Lunacia...a new Chapter

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6 months ago

One of the projects that most attracts my attention is located in the area of games, and it is precisely at this point where the blockchain is forming a whole financial system of its own. Monetization through a dynamic digital interaction such as games is nothing new, but the particularities added by cryptocurrencies make these propositions highly revolutionary.

Many already know Axie Infinity as such, and part of its community may converge on this site of information and thought, but it should be noted that my writing comes after the release of the long awaited migration to the Ronin sidechain, where the data management rests and makes a quite significant difference in relation to the Etherium (ETH) network. The first and most important is the presence of much more accessible commissions that will make the game more dynamic and evolved. Another particularity is the use of the Ronin wallet, already with a bridge to migrate our ETHAXS or SLP.

We can see an evolution towards a mobile migration, as expressed in the briefing document, a Ronin Dex, a closer and more integrated interaction in the acquisition of tokens, and a bridge to a channel between ETH networks.

We will also be seeing more movement of the AXS governance token, involved in internal transactions, dealing entirely with ETH management. The internal varieties for the activation of finances take ways to facilitate the exchange and the enthusiasm to grow under a new business modality.

This phase 2 is very well explained on the official sites summarizing how it is "bringing economic freedom to a whole new generation of players by optimizing the user experience and reducing the burden of costly gas tariffs".

In my appreciation, the improvements are not only operational, certainly the game is marking a new trend in the blockchain world, an outstanding interaction in decentralized management that marks the birth of new forms of business. In some articles published in these spaces I have read excellent explanations and how the growth of this project was going to be exponential. It is still in its early stages, and it will be a multi-environment process waiting now for new modalities with the Lands.

It is no coincidence that this event is taking place almost at the same time of some updates that we see even in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with the appearance of Mist, an equally ambitious game that appears in the adventure environment, or the already known splinterlands of steem. Believe me that the expectations are enormous and that this new business model will be extremely profitable, all decentralized modalities in an interactive environment of tokenized production and profit.

This is just another article on blockchain gaming, but I emphasize how exciting it is to be the owner of your own game, imagine all the originality of economic initiatives centered in one space. And this is just the beginning, the fundamentals that this will bring will be gigantic.

I leave some links that inform officially the changes that are being managed in Axi Infinity. For those of us who are users, being well informed at this time is vital for the development of our characters in adventure and battle. I just hope you have and feel the enthusiasm that I have to see this kind of investment in games with a lot of potential.

This writing has its own content and there is no room for plagiarism. You can also see this article in my Publish0x space under the following link placed at the end of this paragraph.

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Written by   58
6 months ago
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