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NEO, commitment to integration and risk

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9 months ago

One of my interests beyond Bitcoin (BTC) focused on the NEO project. A platform that I did not have much knowledge of but there were some peculiarities that caught my attention at that time and guided me to place it in my investment portfolio. The so-called Chinese Etherium was able to captivate many investors and its launch of a multidisciplinary platform made those almost $ 200 of ATH at that time look promising for a safe investment.

The integrity of this technological initiative placed it at the forefront of many cryptos, on a par with Etherium, a sleeping giant with unique characteristics such as its NeoVM with integration of multiple languages, or its NeoQS with a vision beyond quantum data or simply your NeoID, a unique digital identity for platform operations, direct interaction and risk mitigated in this simple property.

There are many more qualities, but the concept of centralization remains an important point, as this token goes beyond a technological tune, it also touches political interests. A worrying quality that keeps it away from that massification that reinforces its concept of tokenization.

Since its inception, NEO has been in constant evolution, currently it is presenting its second update, a v.3, which brings a suggestive advance of new technologies, a new dBFT 2.0, an improved NeoVM2.0, distributed storage and underlying chains that open that interoperability with other blockchian chains, as its founder, Da HOnfei, conceptualizes as a latent lack in this cryptographic world.

NEO and its third update once again present that same potential that it demonstrated in the years 2017-2018, and re-enters a field with more real challenges, but that will play a potential agreement in the operation and development in the evolution of fields such as the IoT, AI, among others.

We could see the advance of protectionism and the interrelation of a new protagonist such as the digital Yuan. The interrelation that this platform would have with this DCEP would not escape a new centralization, something that the rest of the cryptographic world fears and does not give full support. A control in the free market is not the best way to promote a project with potential, especially in the Western world. Da Hongfei himself highlights it as "two forces that drag society in two separate directions."

From a crypto point of view, NEO has all the qualities of being a strong competitor in the area of smart contract platforms, its versatility in code integrity, its updated consensus test, better than in combination with PoW and PoS. , its dynamics of quantum encryption has all the points as a candidate towards integration and weight in a monetary policy and being an adaptive and multifunctional chain.

This article is not an investment initiative or recommendation. You can do your own research to determine the potential for these types of alternative initiatives in the crypto world. Even so, two links are left that fully explain the nature of the NEO token and its main technological attributes.

At the time of this writing NEO is trading at a value of $ 22.57, with a positive 30D return of 36.96%, and of 36.53% in the last 7D. It registers a capitalization of $ 379M in the last 24H and $ 1.60B of the total market.

This information is proprietary and takes as references technological aspects of the NEO token for its form and concept. You can see this article on my Publish0x blog under the following link.

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Written by   57
9 months ago
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