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Intuitive and Encrypted Financial Intuition

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4 months ago

The paths we have for the implantation and implementation of cryptocurrencies are being given thanks to the firm belief of building a path towards a new agent precursor of a unique, flexible and more participative system. The dominance that we know, for years, will always be against all these movements that jeopardize a clear structure of discredit and slavery in reference to our financial freedom. There would be many institutions that would be sacrificed if they had a fixed competition with any cryptographic instrument that emulates part of their competition and that this would be diluted with the growing acceptance that it would have. Something like this, as a decentralized growth backed by the need and mixed confidence that we are left with only that absorbed by the current debtor system.

We see how El Salvador has taken a clear step in accepting a new form of financial interaction in which the people feel free to fully exercise their finances. Although it was to be expected that central entities would refuse such a decision, the subtlety of cryptos suggests new strategies that complement the empty attacks full of repeated arguments. The genius of Bitcoin (BTC) is always accompanied by new and original ways of integration closer to the users. The perfect example is the use of geothermal energy to boost mining activity in BTC.

There are many qualities that cryptocurrencies have, their decentralization is an excellent card that plays and protects against those who only articulate manifestos of impediments and incredulity, simply concepts already tied to timelines that refuse to modernity and the forced advance of significant changes. History has shown us that the results of the systems employed are already beginning to give us signs of failures that we must consider. 2008 was not a fluke and long before that was not a passing and educational panorama either. The visions of the future are no more chronicles of a situation already announced that we must avoid and that unfortunately we do not materialize in plural solutions but simply opportunistic not to unbalance the share of power.

But we must think that the smear strategies will be more and more elaborated and coordinated. I do not think that the situation of miners in China is a coincidence, even if the recovery of this branch is already looking for solutions to recover the hash, the misplaced concept of energy consumption, or the position of some European countries to curb the advance of cryptocurrencies of non-state origin by issuing a digital competition that will emulate the "benefits" that people see in cryptos. Certainly this financial competition already has its two clearly defined competitors and it was only a matter of time before it was conceptualized.

The new definition that will take much strength will focus on the growth of a bubble that makes no sense, a space devoid of concept that will only feed on the fluctuations presented by crypto and take this nuance as a repeated argument for the sowing of mistrust. It must be clear that BTC and cryptos are assets that are supported by excellent fundamentals but unfortunately are not reflected in the prices issued by the market. The need for these types of products to be effective is, in essence, a growth point in development.

The irony of all this lies in its attackers, who are on the lookout to be able to copy all this development in a centralized way. The threat of digital currencies from governments will be one of the key objectives in order to continue the struggle for democratization and valorization of financial entrepreneurship. We will see how the calls for radical regularization will begin.

The key remains not to go backwards, the real financial evolution is not only in form and concept but in essence and development. The difference of a more decentralized environment with the comfort provided by technology is what we want to engage in each of our activities without the paternal control that we have in the fiat world and its delegation with these centralized digital initiatives. We can only educate and activate ourselves in the correct use of cryptos and trust in the development of BTC and digital alternatives as models of advancement and progress.

As always I leave at the end of this paragraph the links to those articles that served as a basis for the development of this writing. They describe and treat in depth these ideas that are expressed in the words written here.

The content in this writing is my own and there is no room for plagiarism. You can also find this article in my Publish0x space under the link placed at the end of this paragraph.

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Written by   58
4 months ago
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