Software Development and Outsourcing in the Philippines

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Global companies around the world go for outsourcing to minimize costs and focus on other aspects of the business. Outsourcing has helped many companies to grow over the years.  Many start-ups from the tech industry have taken leverage from outsourcing strategy.  At the start of the business, everything is at risk. Therefore, it is very important to take precautionary steps, especially if you are in the business of software development.  The important thing to note is that in running the business successfully, you have to induct the right person for a job. For instance, if you want your software to be accessed by the masses, then you must go for software translation services.

Outsourcing to the Philippines

The Philippines is famous for outsourcing several tasks and jobs. You will be surprised to know that the Philippines is ranked in the top five countries on the list of outsourcing destinations. It is the smart choice of startups that are looking for quality services in general IT, software development, and website design. According to the estimate by the Philippine Software Industry Association, there will be 200,000 IT workers working this year. The IT market is contributing greatly to the international market.

Why Philippine is the Best Option for you?

The IT industry in the Philippines is included in the top 30 countries of the world that have manpower of software specialists that can even communicate in English despite Filipino, the national language. Therefore, if you are in the business of software development services and want to outsource the software for Filipino translation services then the Philippine country is the best option for you. Let us dive into different reasons.

IT Manpower in the Philippines is well-educated and skillful

There are around 80,000 IT people who graduate every year from the Philippines. Apart from education, the Philippine people focus on skill development and for this reason, they attend different conferences, seminars, certifications, and training. This is the foremost reason that Filipinos are regarded as experts in mobile software development in the region.

The Philippines is the most Literate Country in Southeast Asia

As per the statistics of the United Nations, the Philippines is the most literate country in Southeast Asia surpassing Singapore. According to the rough estimate, the literacy rate in the Philippines is 97.95%. The software companies in the country hire college graduates after strict evaluation tests and interviews. After the selection of the students, they are given training for a week and they must complete the probationary period of six months.

The Philippines has a Dynamic IT industry

The IT industry in the Philippines is very dynamic. Its IT workforce is skillful in .NET, Python, ASP, PHP, and website design.  In addition to it, several software technologies are using technologies like blockchain and AI. Therefore, if you want to outsource software translations then you must opt for the Philippines.

The IT Infrastructure of the Philippines is Marvelous

5G technology is launched in the Philippines in 2019 so it is the first country to implement 5G. This technology has enhanced the speed of the internet in other countries like Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea. The government is providing IT infrastructure that supports high-speed fiber optic internet connections.

The Philippines has Cheap Labor Rates

In the list of developing countries, the Philippines has cheap labor rates. It shows that if you are starting your business then you can easily cut down the operating cost. If you want to go for professional software translation then you don’t need to spend more on infrastructure and translation.

The Philippines possesses a Pool of IT Talent

In the Philippines, people don’t have to hire an additional workforce for software development projects. They just need to provide the list of requirements to the stakeholders and they provide you with the required talent in no time and with no extra charges.

Philippine Talent Pool has required Competencies

Do you know that Filipinos are known for their hard work? They don’t hesitate to work in the most challenging situations. They have the required knowledge, skills, and attitude to perform their tasks. If you are starting a mobile software development company then the right talent pool will increase the efficiency and productivity of your business.

Starting IT business in the Philippines Mitigate the Business Risks

Outsourcing to the Philippines has lower costs because of cheap labor rates. If you are at the starting point of your business then there is less probability of financial risks and entire business operations.

Wrapping Up

The Philippines is the best choice if you are looking for outsourcing mobile software and app development services. You don’t have to go through many difficulties. There can be slight problems because of time zone and national holidays. However, its benefits are more than its problems. Outsourcing will help to work more on the strategy side despite operational ones which can significantly help in the growth of your business. In short, outsourcing mobile app development and software developments can help to resolve three big problems of start-ups that are finance, competencies, and workforce.  Are you ready to Outsource mobile and software development business to the Philippines? Read more about the professional software translation.

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