COVID-19: How much has change?

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The coronavirus didn't initially pique my interest. I felt terrible about the lives lost and the difficulties people were facing, but I wasn't concerned about my safety. Not until the first cases were announced here in the Philippines. COVID-19 has wreaked worldwide since its outbreak in late December 2019, and education, like any critical sector, has been particularly hard hit. Students, schools, colleges, and universities have all suffered significantly.

Lockdown and social distancing measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic have led to the closure of schools. And because of that, some schools with ample resources have jumped right in and provided digital lessons that require internet access. Still, many public schools have provided modules. Teachers may consider delivering class instruction via Google Classroom, where students can complete self-paced digital learning activities or distribute paper learning packets. Additionally, the school will provide one-month activities for modular students to study and learn.

This new normal slowed the pace of learning of students. Some students cannot provide the things needed to maintain their education. That's why some of them choose to drop off and just stay at home. It has a negative and positive impact on the students. The positive is that it has given us all a chance to catch our breath and have the time to pay closer attention to the small and simple things in life that most of us are taking for granted. For example, family bonding, discovering new hobbies, and keeping us safe from the risk of viruses. In terms of the negative, it will make students struggle more, especially those who lack the resources to sustain their studies, lose income, and have no internet access. Since internet access in the new normal is the most important thing to continuing education amidst the pandemic COVID-19, this new normal has led us to a challenging situation in life. It also affects our mental health, which is why some students commit suicide, and it is heartbreaking. And I pray that this pandemic will end very soon for us to live safely even outside houses and, of course, learn in the face-to-face classes and bring back a safe and peaceful life.

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