ESPORTS: SEA Dota 2 Team Fnatic tied its match against Team Spirit 1 - 1

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The group match for this year's International which currently held at Singapore, where the top 20 qualified Dota 2 teams coming from different regions of the world is competing for the most valuable Aegis of the Immortal and to be held as the next Dota 2 champions has started yesterday where the opening game for the preliminary rounds was between the North America's top team Evil Geniuses that sweep a 2-0 result against another North American team Soniqs, On other hand the SEA team Fnatic had to face team Spirit in a best of 2 games.

Fnatic in game 1 had chosen a morphling hero as hard carry pick against team spirit's Lone Druid draft style that is much more active during teamfights after the early laning stage of the game, at the mark of past 21 minutes of the game, team spirit is currently sitting at 3k network with 11 kills much more in comparison to fnatic 4 kills that time.

The Undying support of Fnatic has been kited by team spirit lone druid at the top tier 1 tower of the radiant safe lane, with collapse centaur that initiates the stun and finished by the bear summon of the lone druid.

It proved to be a great technique by team spirit to push mid lane of Fnatic while the lone druid carry and clockwerk support are under the smoke of deceit to not be jumped on by the Fnatic's monkey king boundless strike plus wukong's command combo, that caused Fnatic's key building of creep melee barracks to be taken by the lone druid's bear.

Fnatic had to call GG after there three heroes were initiated by centaur's stun at the midlane and killed afterwards.

''a result of 5 - 18 kills, makes the radiant completely unable to turn the tide of the game 1 to their favor,''

Fnatic in game 2 unleashed their terrorblade carry pick, with puck offlane and death prophet midlaner together with tiny and undying support heroes, against team spirit's shadow fiend draft.

After the clash at the dire bottom secret shop were shadow fiend and clockwerk was kited by Fnatic through tombstone and puck's dream coil, they able to take the mid tier 3 tower and also the creep's range and melee buildings, fast forward to last important team fight with Fnatic able to kill the shadow fiend twice at there base and hit the ancient that finally tied the match in 1-1 result.

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