Amazing Base Race within the groupstage series, a 2-0 win by Team Fnatic against Aster

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There are a lots of unexpected moments in the game within the perspective of being an audience that leaves you astonished and outshines the rest of what is going on the series whether a slightly better well established team with way much better experiences stats has to go against a team composed underdogs and newbloods at the International scene.

In the way that it would be better to explain my point it would be the game of Fnatic against Team Aster in the group stage series of the International, which is currently held at Singapore.

Team Fnatic had enable to win best of 2 series, their drafting for the 1st game was not far from the comfort heroes and synergy with an enigma as an offlane hero and hoodwink and undying as supports that works well in carrying and pushing outer tier 1 towers of the enemy team and the team fight as well once they had reach level 6, while their slark carry hero is farming for his key items on the jungle of radiant side, Aster is not also keen in experimenting drafts they to had chosen a Naga Siren carry, as to observation of which team will do better to teamfights Fnatic has a lot of stun and the creep summoning enigma and undying gives the team much more damage, as the play goes past the thirty minute mark, they had destroy Tier 3 tower of the dire base at the safe lane, nevertheless the heroes of the enemy side has been going well after they pick their key items much late than radiant's heroes.

The Fnatic is much more keen to picking up early kills with the initiation of toss back to their side while the enemy team does not have the play style to pick off the back lines of Fnatic given that they enigma and undying hero, it also give them the chance to snowball the momentum on their favour.

On 47 minute mark team Fnatic pushed the high ground of the dire's safe lane but it is not much that easier as the Naga Siren Illusions cuts all the creepwaves.

Aster had been decided to pick off Fnatic heroes after their push but tiny had managed to pick off the semi carry primal beast, offlane brewmaster and death prophet support at the back lines, leaving Naga siren that manage to tp out back to the base.

Undying's tombstone makes it difficult for Aster to create a turn around in between of team fights as they are slowed and Tiny's avalanche stun delays their spell castings.

As a SEA team supporter i am very proud of how they manage to close the game 1 to their favor against much more experienced team in playing at International Scene.

Team Fnatic had able to win the last three important team fights in game 1 by picking off first the either core heroes of Aster with no buybacks and predicting the right time to use and where to place the tombstone, as only one set of racks remained after the last team fight and Aster called it.

Fnatic in Game 2 has chosen a terrorblade carry and a sniper as a mid hero, while a tiny support mainly picks off Dire Heroes that is caught out of position on the map, and Aster on the other hand has chosen a drow ranger and a leshrac combo, the dire core heroes are much less active in teamfight since they really heavily on items, the early and mid phase of the game was dominated by Fnatic and the Sunder plus decay combo helps terrorblade to stay alive on the teamfight that makes it hard to kill him, Sniper on the other hand takes the Aegis which is proven as a good strategy, since they able to win objectives especially all the set of racks of the enemy team, which makes it harder to push on the other side of the map as the mega creeps of Fnatic slowly hitting their ancients.

Fnatic had unable to close the game as for mistakes after mistakes in last few team fights cost them their net worth, which helps the enemy team farm for late game items, in the last minutes of the game dire heroes had able to push on to the radiant base, which Fnatic anticipates and they make i diversionary tactic to split push that makes dire heroes react and terrorblade sneak his way to enemy's base to hit the ancient by teleporting to their mega creeps that close the second game in favor of Fnatic.

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