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THE ELEVATOR DOOR SLIDES OPEN AND JESS slides in, searching barely rumpled. Tara sizes her up.

"Didn't get a good deal sleep remaining night?""You can inform?""Well, you are sporting the identical garments as yesterday."

Jess laughs. Her track show, Freq, broadcast stay over the net right here on the new-media residence Pseudo, went past due remaining night: Apparently the group were given deep into the combinationture and the personnel wound up placing round till dawn. Now it is 10:30 a.m., and she's again from breakfast to make a few calls and installation meetings. "At a few factor I'm gonna should shower," she mutters, as she wanders off to her desk.

Tara and I excursion the studios, trolling thru Pseudo's peculiar blend of excessive camp and excessive-tech. The workplace is a have a look at in chaos and energy, with every room reflecting the abnormal pop-cultural animus of the twentysomethings who paintings right here. There's the room for the women's internet shows, embellished in a kind of past due-seventies drag with a rainbow-colored bead-door entrance, shag carpeting and inflatable toys. There's a collection of goateed musicians placing out in a single room, retaining keyboards and a laptop monitor. (Who are they? "I don't have any idea," Tara says.) There's a big ballroom at the pinnacle ground in which Freq is shot, entire with dorian pillars and an ornate excessive ceiling, a reminder that this a part of Soho has a number of New York's maximum architecturally quirky lofts.

The ballroom, it turns out, is in which Tara turned into known as into a few uncommon carrier yesterday. A latest graduate of Ohio University's broadcast information program, she is, technically speaking, the government assistant to Pseudo's CEO. Yesterday, however, the corporation wished a person to get dressed up as a "Pseudo chick" for a promotional picturegraph shoot, so Tara--a tall, blonde twenty--year-vintage--determined herself strapped into tall, white pass-pass boots, a quick mini and a faux-fur-fringed black pinnacle. "The photographer had this 40-ouncer of Wild Turkey, and he saved saying, 'Want a few extra? Want a few extra?' " she recalls. "We wound up getting a piece loaded." In the end, she did not control various hours of sleep herself. "Sorry," she apologizes at one factor, yawning. "I'm a piece burnt out today."

I'm now no longer surprised. In new media, it is hard to locate everyone who can boast a complete night's rest. Later withinside the day, once I go away Pseudo, I go to a twenty-three-year-vintage acquaintance at a web site design company throughout town, handiest to locate him collapsed on a cosy couch withinside the personnel room.

Late night? "Yeah." He's been putting in place a database for a internet site this is set to move stay in days. The cut-off date looms and the client--a primary corporation--is getting twitchy. Some deeply caffeinated all-nighters may be known as for. "It's severehowever it is going quite well," he says, his hair out of whack with a minor case of bed-head. "I determine I actually have some other days like this. But it is cool--it is a definitely cool project." He pours himself a thick espresso withinside the well-stocked kitchen (bypassing the loose beer) and heads again to his workstation, plopping down beside a few dozen different coders and architects who're clacking away at their keyboards as a stereo pumps out ambient techno on an countless loop. Most of them determine they may be right here till 4 withinside the morning.

PULLING ALL-NIGHTERS, DESTROYING YOUR EYESIGHT, PLAYING QUAKE ON the corporation LAN, placing out in a cool workplace together along with your dog: In the cutting-edge virtual place of job, this kind of stuff is de rigueur. Indeed, for younger Turks in new media--software, internet site improvement or the amorphous area of "content"--aggressively informal and freewheeling is the signature workplace style.

On the surface, it has to do with making paintings appear plenty extra amusing and as a consequence plenty much less like a activity. It is, because it were, the grasp narrative of the New Work, which we should cartoon out like this: Young virtual employeeswe are instructedcall for a extra innovative and accommodating paintings environment. They have thrown off the stuffy, nine-to-5 straightjacket wherein their mother and father so miserably toiled. No extra fits and ties, no extra inflexible company hierarchies, no extra dull, repetitive tasks. Today, paintings approach attending to put on your Star Wars T-shirt, recreation your a couple of piercings and hold out in an workplace with homey perks: massage-therapist visits, pets, wacky furniture, toys and plenty of beer. The personnel dines collectively and events collectivelyit really works hard, sure, however it performs hard, too, and typically on the identical time. And the employees are not chained to anyone activity; instead, they bop at will from corporation to corporation, forcing hapless employers to scramble after them, supplying ever funkier perks and extra inventory alternatives to entice their portable, exceptionally paid talents. These children keep all of the cards.

It's a tale that has interested the media. Reporters protecting the enterprise frequently surprise on the scenes of managed chaos and pop-cultural riot, the places of work converted from gray ranks of veal-fattening pens into bohemian venues with all of the atmosphere of an elite club. At New York's Razorfish, the personnel caps off frantic all-nighters with the aid of using hitting the powder en masse for a weekend of snowboarding. At Mountain View, California's Netscape, personnel individuals are inclined to stop in the event that they cannot carry their puppies to paintings. And as USA Today breathlessly noted, Organic Online's workplace "has been the scene of a dance party, entire with disc jockeys, for four hundred people."

Which is exactly the problem.

The studied hipness of latest media is a captivating and as a substitute devious cultural illusion. Those ultra-cool places of work cowl up a seldom-mentioned truth: That the roles themselves are frequently deeply exploitative, annoying severe paintings and devotion for enormously low pay and 0 safety. Ironically, the chill of the new-media place of job is an critical a part of the exploitation. By making paintings extra like play, employers smartly erase the department among the , which guarantees that their younger personnel will nearly by no means go away the workplace.

And it is proper: High-tech personnel hold out at paintings for hours, lengthy after the metropolis has long past to bed. They'll kill themselves over deadlines, installing as much as 80 hours per week and pulling all-nighters on the drop of a hat. And rather than going justifiably postal over those loopy workloads (or unionizing), they may smile and thank their fortunate stars for being a part of the virtual revolution, the cultural flashpoint of the nineties. For employers, of course, it is a candy deal; you cannot buy flexibility like that. As multiple employee has instructed me, a web site design corporation can nearly continually keep a assembly at o'clock on a Saturday afternoon because, well, everyone's there. Where else could they be?

But for all of the speak of easy-going, accommodating environments, new-media organizations are infamous for worker burnout and nanosecond turnover. It's now no longer surprising: Given the insane hours, the payoffs are as a substitute slim. We are hit relentlessly with media hype approximately virtual employeesexcessive pay, desirability and inventory alternatives. But none of those myths holds up beneathneath the slightest statistical scrutiny. The full-size majority of latest-media employees in New York, for example, make much less than junior accountants or human-useful resource drones, revel in the activity safety of fast-meals employees and feature a laughably small risk of having provided any inventory anywhere. As for programmers, maximum are paid particularly little and are hurled overboard as quickly as they hit their mid-thirties.

Enamoured of its distorted image, the virtual staff is reluctant to just accept the facts. "People do now no longer need to stand the reality," complains Bill Lessard, a veteran of the enterprise who runs NetSlaves, a internet site that compiles proper testimonies of latest-media burnout. "Someone will inform you, 'Oh, I'm a producer,' however they are only a schmuck who is operating 90 hours per week. You provide those organizations frame and soul and also you definitely get not anything again."

In a unusual way, the normal lives of those employees undermine the values beneathneath which they supposedly toil. They are touted because the maximum renegade--the maximum entrepreneurial--technology in years. Yet they may be, in conventional labour terms, amazingly subservient: the appropriate post-business personnel. Chained to their keyboards, operating some distance longer hours than they may be paid for and blurring the bounds among their jobs and their lives, virtual personnel satirically gift the type of compliant staff that might have thrilled Henry Ford, Nelson Rockefeller and possibly Chairman Mao.

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