What No One Other Can Tell You About Feminism

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Guess what? You're a feminist. If you're someone alive withinside the world, different humans, each guys and girls, have advised you that each one feminists are hairy, reactionary, undersexed, man-hating bitches who want to cease cryin' (due to the fact we've suffrage now! And Roombas!). HOWEVER. THAT IS OBVIOUSLY STUPID.

Guess What? You're a Feminist!

Feminism isn't an intensive motion or a perimeter motion or a humiliation or a fraud. Feminism is simple. The "patriarchy" does "exist." To become aware of as a feminist is to well known that girls are humans, and, as such, girls deserve the identical social, economic, and political rights and possibilities as different kinds of humans (i.e., guys-humans). To be a feminist is likewise to well known that the arena isn't, presently, a truthful and simply and secure location for girls to exist. Because it isn't. Obviously (see: the whole thing ever). To deny these items makes you, at worst, a awful character who hates girls, together with however now no longer confined to: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, your mother, Jennifer Lopez's mother, Jennifer Garner's Aunt Marcy, Michelle Obama, Ellen DeGeneres, Cher, Julie Andrews, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Kraken Kardashian, Karphone Kardashian, Kickball Kardashian, Kornkob Kardashian, and THE VIRGIN FUCKING MARY. At best, it makes you a complacent idiot.

ONE MORE TIME: If you aren't a feminist (or some thing blamelessly ignorant, like a toddler or a ferret or a university freshman), then you definitely are a awful character. Those are the handiest options. You both agree with that girls are humans, otherwise you do not. To assist you choose one, right here is a few information!

First-Wave Feminism: Maybe We Could be Citizens now?

These had been the difficult antique nineteenth-century bitchez (note: Calling girls "bitchez" with an affectionate z is quite upper-stage ironic material—perhaps simply stick with "girls" for now) like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton who had been all, "Heeeeeey bros, we had been questioning that perhaps if you are now no longer busy we should get the proper to vote and stuff please perhaps?" Then they proceeded to righteously fuck shit up till the ratification of the nineteenth change in 1920, which gave American girls the vote. A lot of the first-wavers had been completely racist, plus they had been nonetheless quite into the concept that a female's activity is shutting up and scrubbing stuff. But, you know, nobody's perfect.

Second-Wave Feminism: Maybe You Could Stop Raping Us, Please?

After World War II, girls commenced to be like, "Oh! Maybe I can get a activity and inform my husband to forestall raping me!" They commenced taking up subtler kinds of sexism and misogyny—matters that may not be legally mandated (like balloting rights) however had been fucking up girls's lives nonetheless. These girls might turn out to be the second-wavers. In 1963, Betty Friedan made all and sundry pass loopy through suggesting that the nuclear own circle of relatives is probably a crock of shit that stifled girls's ability and made them unhappy. Then sooooooo many stuff happened!!! Birth manipulate pills, illegalization of marital rape (in all states, FINALLY, in 1993!), ,Griswold v. Connecticut, affirmative movement rights for girls, Title IX, Roe v. Wade, and SO MUCH MORE—appearance it up on Wikipedia, seriously. (Fun fact: Bras had been now no longer sincerely burned.) There became an awful lot arguing approximately pornography (zzzzzz). The Equal Rights Amendment did now no longer pass. Once shit commenced to get done, sensible anti-feminists took the possibility to claim sexism formally over, due to the fact girls had been now allowed to now no longer be raped (sometimes) and additionally to paintings for low wages in garment factories and rapey marketing and marketing agencies, and consequently any female who complained approximately something from this second onward became a hairy, braless bitch. Women endured to fight, due to the fact girls are awesome. Fuck Phyllis Schlafly.

Third-Wave Feminism: Maybe I Like Rape! Shut Up! Maybe I Don't! Shut Up!

One day, a person had the gall to factor out that the term "girls" encompasses extra than simply "upper-middle-magnificence disgruntled white housewives." Immigrant girls exist. Trans-girls exist. Entirely gruntled upper-middle-magnificence white housewives exist. Sex employees exist. Third-wave feminism is the concept that girls can and have to outline their personal womanhood. Because there are a million special styles of girls, the 1/3 wave is big, and might get a touch puzzling and muddy, and perhaps does not exist at all (records is a continuum, in reality, now no longer a chain of waves). Some of the brand new feminism—especially the "I use my sexuality as a weapon!" crowd—can appearance plenty just like the antique sexism. But do not worry approximately it. Just observe your instincts and maintain calling humans on their shit.

Women Do Not Exist for the Purposes of Your Boner

A lot of straight guys get very irritated while girls do not appearance the manner they assume girls "have to" appearance. But wager what? "Should" isn't a thing. Women's our bodies are none of your business. Women's frame hair is none of your business. What girls weigh is none of your business. What girls put on is none of your business. Whether or now no longer girls need to fuck you is none of your business, except they do need to fuck you, wherein case you have to pass for it (high-five!).

Male Privilege: It Is Real, and It Is Totally Bogus

Privilege is invisible. If you haven't any concept what male privilege is, there is a great hazard you're presently making the most of male privilege. That's how privilege works. Essentially, because of the social and political energy systems that dominate the complete earth, shit is less complicated for guys. Women make much less money, exert much less political influence, have their clitorises reduce out (sincerely in reality truly — Google it), and are broadly notion of as assets and dealt with like poop. Privilege is real, and everybody who tells you in any other case is Ann Coulter.

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