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The Rapist Says He s Sorry Posted on August 23, 2007 via way of means of ben This is Mitchell Gaff. Mitch lives in a unique place. A facility the country of Washington created for sexual predators. Mitch s therapists suppose there s a threat that Mitch gained t cross raping once more subsequent time he has the possibility. Which is a great component. Because, soon, Mitch and the thirty guys who stay with him are becoming out. The Rapist Says He s Sorry By Tom Junod GQ December 1995 The first component that moves you approximately Mitch Gaff is his voice. The voice isn't simply soft, now no longer simply sincere, now no longer simply considerate, now no longer simply type it's far the essence of softness, sincerity, attention and kindness. It is the form of voice that appears incapable of telling a lie, mustering aggression or maybe permitting itself the liberty of an insult. It is the form of voice that begs you to believe it, that pleads with you to believe it, and in case you heard it at the street, or in a bar, you will believe it, immediately. It is the voice of the nicest man you ve ever met. It is a voice Mitch Gaff has prepare has devised and built with notable care, notable courage, notable effort, and on the value of notable pain, and this is why he's horrified and heartbroken while he opens his considerate mouth, begins offevolved talking in his considerate syllables and scares the dwelling hell out of human beings. *** This is a tale approximately how tough it's far to be proper or, as an alternative, how tough it's far to be proper after you ve been awful; how tough it's far to be constant after you ve been broken; how tough it's far to be directly after you ve been bent. It is ready a frightening guy who is making an attempt very tough now no longer to be frightening anymore and but who nevertheless manages to scare now no longer simplest the human beings who've proper purpose to be terrified of him however even sometimes himself. It is ready intercourse, and the way little we recognise approximately its mysteries; approximately the human coronary heart, and the way futilely we've answered with silence, with remedy, with the regulation or even with the sacred Constitution to its darkish challenge. It is ready what takes place while we, as a society, not believe our futile responses and admit that we haven't any concept what to do with a man like Mitchell Gaff. Who is Mitchell Gaff? Well, he's that which, at this second in our history, frightens us the maximum approximately ourselves, and approximately our democracy s cappotential to incorporate what's worst in us. Mitch is a intercourse offender, however now no longer simplest a intercourse offender; he's a rapist, however now no longer simplest a rapist. He is, withinside the phrases

 of a regulation written in 1990 via way of means of the Washington country legislature, a sexual predator this is, a person who suffers from a intellectual abnormality or persona disease which makes [him] probable to interact in predatory acts of sexual violence if now no longer limited in a steady facility. Now, by no means thoughts for the instant that this regulation created a class of intellectual infection unrecognized via way of means of current psychiatry, and that it did so for the cause of permitting the country to acquire withinside the call of mercy what it couldn t withinside the call of justice: the elimination of fellows like Mitchell Gaff from the face of the earth. What s crucial to recognise proper now could be that Mitch Gaff is or has been a individual who hurts different people for sexual pleasure: now no longer out of want, now no longer to advantage the dire exigencies of food, shelter, money, transportation and status, however out of need due to the fact he likes it. It s the looking that scares us the maximum, of path, due to what we recognise approximately our personal looking that it rises from somewhere deep inside us, that it's far proof against aim and that it doesn t simply cross away. We need Mitch to head away. It rarely subjects that he has carried out his time; that he has, in that old fashioned antique phrase, paid his debt to society ; and that his endured incarceration might be unconstitutional. We need him to head away for so long as his looking lasts, and that s why the country of Washington invented some thing known as the Special Commitment Center. *** It is past due afternoon, and Mitch Gaff is giving an interview in an empty room. He is simply starting to speak while there may be a knock on the door, and a longhaired guy sporting a knit Rasta cap and a tie-dyed T-blouse and the identity tag of a country employee asks him to move, due to the fact a few different guys need the usage of this room, the room with the espresso and the computer systems and the paperbacks and the big, merry pool balls painted at the walls. That s fine, Mitch says, however why didn t they question me themselves? He receives up and walks out into the hallway, in which he sees one of the guys, a serial rapist named Joe Aqui. I suppose you re having hassle expressing your feelings, Joe, Mitch says. You recognise, intercourse offenders have quite a few hassle with confrontation, and also you have to be careful for that. Mitch movements to any other room, a concrete cave that serves as an indoor basketball court, and begins offevolved speaking once more. Then there may be any other knock at the door, and it's far Joe Aqui, agitated and stiff. He says, I simply need to inform you, Mitch, I did confront you. I did specific my feelings. Joe, I m doing an interview now, says Mitch. We ll should manner this in group. This is the Special Commitment Center, in Monroe, the steady facility estimated via way of means of the Washington country legislature in its Sexually Violent Predator Law; the jail that isn't a jail, due to the fact its guards aren't guards, however as an alternative psychiatric safety attendants who can put on knit caps and tie-dyed T-shirts rather than uniforms; the health center that isn't a health center, due to the fact its fondest desire for its sufferers is they by no means get out. A slant-roofed bunker anchored withinside the earth like a tree stump and turned around via way of means of infinite fanged coils of razor wire, the SCC currently homes thirty-one guys, and every of them, like Mitch Gaff, has the difference of being what newspaper writers like to name the worst of the worst guys who've controlled to emerge from the heaps of intercourse offenders beneathneath the supervision of the Washington jail machine to end up applicants for social experimentation. How did Mitch hence distinguish himself? In 1984 he raped sisters, a long time sixteen and 14, 

 savagery right away gluttonous and patient. He did seven years withinside the Washington State Penitentiary at Walla Walla after which twenty-8 months withinside the Sexual Offender Treatment Program on the Twin Rivers Corrections Center, in Monroe. He finished remedy; he, indeed, excelled at remedy. And then, at the day he turned into scheduled to head free, he turned into recognized as a candidate for commitment, and detained. Five months later, he acquired a hearing, misplaced and turned into then remanded to the SCC for an incarcerative enjoy meant to remaining among 365 days and the relaxation of his life. He turned into supplied the possibility to obtain similarly remedy due to the fact, so as for the SCC to exist so as for it to preventively detain rapists and baby molesters withinside the face of constitutional constraints on preventive detention it has to offer what its directors like to name a healing setting, and funnel its punitive cause thru the language of benevolence. It s as though our society so prides itself on its compassion that we are able to t come proper out and say we re simply going to fasten up human beings like Mitch Gaff forever. No, we've to mention we re going to assist them forever. And if supporting them calls for locking them up, that s OK, in order that lengthy as we are able to do it endlessly, in order that lengthy as we are able to maintain supporting them for the relaxation in their depressing earthly lives, till, finally, God receives his crack at them. Of path, what makes Mitch Gaff exciting what makes him, in truth, a as an alternative heartrending take a look at of the intractability of human nature is that he believes he may be helped, that if he simply applies himself he may be, in his word, OK. I am now no longer what I ve carried out, he says, once more and once more. I should agree with that I may be OK. If I am what I ve carried out, why do remedy? Why do remedy if I m now no longer OK if I can by no means be OK? What s the point? He has selected to stay in remedy, then, withinside the wish that evil is a behavior, like smoking, in place of a condition, like height; that he isn't an evil guy, however as an alternative a person who has carried out evil, and who may be taught now no longer to do it once more. From the very begin of his remedy, in 1992, he has pursued this wish with the identical devotional fervor that after fueled his deviance. That s a persona component with Mitch, says one in all his therapists from Twin Rivers, however I d as an alternative have him obsess approximately remedy than obsess approximately little girls. He has made himself over into an invention of the healing manner the Therapeutic Man. He has been relentless in his quest to locate a few proper in himself, and one day, closer to the stop of his time at Twin Rivers, he says he observed what he turned into searching for: A massive cog grew to become inner me, and I turned into like, Yeah! I were given it! It wasn t, Oh, I wish I by no means rape once more. It turned into, I recognise what to do now in order that I don t rape anymore. So can we agree with him? Does every person agree with him? Is he, withinside the phrases of one in all his sufferers from 1984, only a grimy guy who did a terrible component? Is he, withinside the phrases of his sufferer from 1979, a awful seed, defective, a mistake? Is he, withinside the phrases of Paul Stern, the Snohomish County prosecutor who argued the case for Mitch s commitment, bright, articulate and one of the maximum risky intercourse offenders I ve come across? Is he, withinside the phrases of Arthur Gordon, who directs the remedy application at Twin Rivers, a threat that may be controlled withinside the community? Is he, withinside the phrases of Margaret Moore, a facilitator withinside the Quaker Church-run jail application known as Alternatives to Violence Project, on his manner to turning into a superb man or woman with a stage of integrity better than the relaxation of us? Is he, withinside the phrases of his mom, lower back to being the manner he was with a balance and a electricity that could many any mom pleased? The truth is, we don t recognise the solution to any of those questions, and we gained t recognise till Mitch receives out. Hell, we wouldn t should hassle with any of those questions if we knew that the Special Commitment Center ought to simply do its task and preserve Mitch till his looking is going away


 till he receives antique, and his testicles shrink, and his dick dangles and the blue surge among his legs disappears. As it turns out, though, Mitch s looking goes to live longer than our cappotential to incorporate it. As it turns out, a decide at the federal bench in Seattle, John Coughenour, dominated the Special Commitment Center and the regulation that created it comprehensively unconstitutional on August 25, As it turns out, there are inmates withinside the SCC who've packed their luggage and are simply ready round for the day Washington State loses its remaining attraction and that they may be set free. As it turns out, what's going to stand among us and Mitch then isn't a sunken stand of concrete and metallic and razor wire, however as an alternative what he has observed in his personal coronary heart and this is why, at the day of Coughenour s ruling, he didn t have fun or % his luggage, however as an alternative went lower back to his cell, to cry after which to pray. *** Mitch Gaff is 37 years antique. He is short, round 5 ft six, with small white fingers and small slender ft. He is barrel-chested and wears muscle tees beneathneath his shirts. He is thickening withinside the thighs and hips, in an nearly womanly manner, and his pants are regularly tight. He wears, in his left earlobe, a small hoop earring. He has a jaunty walk, and he's withinside the addiction of tossing his hair over his shoulder hair this is lengthy and bright and has the appearance of hair brushed 100 strokes a day. Mitch is happy with his hair, and happy with his look in general. He is the sharpest cloth wardrobe withinside the Special Commitment Center, with a penchant for sporting Ultrasuede blazers and pinstriped vests and silver pointers on his blouse collars. He continues his mustache well trimmed and has grown a graying beard over his unsure chin. He has reddish cheeks and a reddish nose. There is a faint red stain of psoriasis among his eyebrows. His eyes are deep set and darkish gray, right away type and fathomless, with students that gift themselves as inklings of a extra darkness. His forehead is regularly crooked with quizzical concern, and while his face and eyes are crimson from crying as they regularly are he has the appearance of a put-upon cool animated film character. He has modified his look commonly withinside the path of his life, and while he's launched from the Special Commitment Center he's going to in all likelihood alternate it once more: he's going to in all likelihood reduce his hair and shave his beard in order that individuals who would possibly understand him from photos will understand him no extra. He is in case you take delivery of for the instant the famous however as an alternative hopeful belief that the thirty-one guys incarcerated withinside the SCC are the thirty-one worst examples of wicked humanity withinside the complete country of Washington the excellent of the worst. He lives in segregated privilege on Tier One, in conjunction with the 5 different inmates who've regular the country s provide of remedy, and farfar from the twenty-5 inmates who've declined it. He is the simplest inmate withinside the entire populace of the SCC who has undertaken and finished the country s remedy application at Twin Rivers, and for this purpose, he says, while he first arrived on the SCC, I stated to a counselor, Why am I right here? I experience like I actually have a grasp s in remedy, and I m right here withinside the 7th grade. The counselor stated, Don t promote your self short. You have a Ph.D. You ve were given it. You re screwed down tight. We simply should screw some bolts down tighter. Group remedy? Mitch has carried out it. Drama remedy? Mitch has carried out it. Role-gambling? Mitch has carried out it. Hell, he s carried out it all; he s carried out the whole thing he s study all of the books, he s taken all of the courses, he s studied Stress Management and Anger Management and Family Dynamics and Human Sexuality and Victim Empathy and Understanding Sexual Assault and Understanding Co-Dependency and Relapse 

 and III He s opened his coronary heart like a freaking sardine can; there s not anything he can say that he hasn t stated earlier than And but he remains at it. He remains at it will become he now and again consoles himself with the belief that he has been known as to the SCC to train a person, to assist a person, perhaps an inmate who's struggling, who's now in which Mitch turned into multiple years ago. He remains at it due to the fact he now and again lets in himself to dream that he's going to depart the SCC via way of means of the virtues of his personal advantage via way of means of distinctive feature of what s inner his coronary heart in place of what s inner his attorney s attraction. And he remains at it, maximum of all, due to the fact really, withinside the stop, he has no preference remedy is simply what he does. It s his life, it s his religion, and he s hooked on it, the manner and the promise and the opportunity of improvement. He participates in now no longer one, now no longer , however 5 12-step programs. He says the serenity prayer, over and over, all day lengthy. He is a vegetarian. He does Tai Chi withinside the morning and meditates withinside the afternoon. He continues a shoe container of sacred Native American sage and candy grass and feathers, even though he isn't in truth Native American, however as an alternative full-blooded Irish. He can quote Carl Jung, Albert Ellis, Fritz Perls, Kahlil Gibran, John Bradshaw and The Celestine Prophecy; and he can recite, from memory, the poems he has written: A guy of idea/now no longer ape of society. He watches Ghandi on his VCR. He s the SCC s facilitator for the Alternatives to Violence application. He performs classical song on his growth container rather than the competitive rock and roll Aerosmith, especially, with that tune Big Ten Inch Record that made the monster inner him begin to dance; and while he isn't gambling the song for himself, he's gambling it for the gain of the lonely orange marigold propped withinside the niggardly slot that serves as his window. Improved? No, Mitch Gaff isn't simply improved. He is the Most Improved Man in America, or even now, in case you go to him at midnight, you ll locate him at it once more, enhancing himself withinside the darkish, withinside the quiet, at the back of the sealed metallic door, in his sliver of a cell; you ll locate him in his bunk, close to the sticker the pleads RENEW ME and beneathneath the marigold, enhancing himself via way of means of jerking off. *** How do I display you some thing as intangible as my coronary heart? Mitch says. How do I come up with proof of my future? How do I display you what I consider once I lay in bed, as compared to what I want to consider? Of path, we recognise what he used to consider, due to the fact he turned into a sexual predator, and as is the case with without a doubt all sexual predators, what he idea approximately have become what he jerked off to, and what he jerked off to have become what he did. From the begin, Mitch jerked off to very, very awful fantasies, very awful stuff, mainly concerning the anal rape of minor girls, and earlier than lengthy he turned into jerking off six or seven or 8 instances a day. OK, then what does he consider now, now that he's decided to transform the lonely ritual of self-abuse to the motive of turning into a higher man or woman? He thinks of the lady who waits for him. Who is that this lady? Well, she doesn t exist, now no longer but, however she is out there, somewhere, the phantom who will assist him steer clear of his shadows, and he's going to recognise her while he sees her, due to the fact she has sure characteristics. She is round 35, for one component, due to the fact she has to be, due to the fact she may be no extra than 5 years more youthful or 5 years older than he's, in any other case she could be inappropriate, and he could now no longer be allowed to like her. She has darkish hair, due to the fact Mitch turned into one fixated on blondes, and it turned into his fixation on blondes that helped lead

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