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The day I became a bird (Introduction)

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4 months ago

The satisfaction of coming home from work after a tedious day in the office is better realizing that's it's already a weekend tomorrow. I can only savor the break from the cycle of everyday paperwork, sitting in front of the desktop typing and typing until 6:00 pm. Back in the days, I used to see morning as refreshing hours of serenity, with the beauty of every single blossoming day, but that was the better days when school was just a walking distance away, and I didn't have to worry about the daily routine of commuters.

It's as if the world shifted around me and presented me with an endless dilemma. I'm no Sisyphus, but it's like I'm pushing a massive boulder towards a steep mountain which on the other side lies my dreams and perceived lifestyle of stability. You could never crawl out of the misery that the reality of life gives.

With all of the uncertainty of my future, there lies a lot of "What if's?"

I lie in bed as soon as I finished fixing myself up to my sleepwear clothes, but I never fixed these thoughts that accompany me in my sleep.

"What if?"

What if I was free as a bird? Will I have no responsibilities that I need to abide or is it just a simple misconception of mine that a bird has the power to choose not to be a part of the food chain? Predatory species that feed on the tiny worms on the soil, we use our wings to fly high, into the sky where no one would of what we should do.

Humans built machines with wings to travel easily to different places, but what if I got the chance to grow wings and be a bird for a day? Will I ever genuinely grasp freedom again and clear all of my misconceptions? Maybe I get to decipher all those chirping that I hear in the morning every day.

I'm just going to sleep all the silly thoughts away, hoping tomorrow would be a good day for me to do what I want to do.

Morning came, and the chirping sounds from the birds greeted my open window as they resonated to the walls of my bedroom.

"Good morning, lucky bastards," I told them, foolishly thinking that they would understand me. The sun's rays illuminate my face grumpy morning face forcing me to squint my eyes and get out of bed. I directed myself to the kitchen, getting cereal from the overhead cabinets. "Jeez, it would be nice to have a girlfriend around," I jokingly said.  I grabbed a bowl and spoon, pouring the cereal as my tummy growled like a hungry monster's stomach. I pondered about the possibility of me finding love in the course of my mid 20's. Tension develops with grabbing my phone, installing a dating app with every scoop of cereal from the bowl through my mouth.

The last scoop finalized my decision as to what I'm going to do today.

I decided to go to the park to find and meet a potential partner, and of course, see some birds and feed the pigeons near the park's pond. I'm living the life of an adult, and it fascinates me how time flies and how we adapt and lose habits as we grow up.

I wore a white shirt with a big The Beatles design on its front since it's such a hot day, and of course, except for white reflecting a considerable amount of heat, The Beatles were pretty hot with the cultured ladies that are into authentic music. I'm not much of a ladies man, but I bet I could pull it off.

I drove with my Cadillac to the park, which has a couple of minutes away from home. I can't help but have small glances towards the sky as birds flock toward the direction I am heading.

"Strange," I mumbled. "It's not even late summer yet." I shrugged at the unexplainable thought that suddenly occurred and focused on driving. I was a couple of meters away from the park, finding a suitable parking spot, luckily two accessible spaces are positioned beside each other, and a blue sedan that came before me occupied the free parking area immediately.

"Guess, today's my lucky day." I shrugged as I parked the car after the sedan had comfortably parked and turned the engine keys off. I checked myself out of the mirror one more time before opening the car door to go out. I locked the doors, and the fresh breeze and the heat of the sunshine can be felt on my skin. This place is the close I can get to fresh air. As soon as I can walk past the parked sedan in the parking lot, the shiny blue-tinted door of the driver seat open, I can't help but look as I walk by the car. Still, I was stopped in my tracks to see a beautiful, youthful lady, where her simplicity of how she dresses radiates her beauty even more. She wore a neat white polo shirt with a colorful skirt just above her knees. She looks familiar to me as if I knew her from somewhere before. Our eyes met after she slammed shut the door of her car, and I, once again, felt butterflies in my stomach, paced with the rushing beat of my heart. Anxiety crawls over me, and I would never have thought I'd utter the word, "Hi!" it was unexpected of me to blurt out a simple greeting to a stranger, but I got a cheerful smile from her as if she expected me to greet her. I immediately broke the eye contact and glanced to my sides to try and alleviate the awkward feeling. Still, all the butterflies in my stomach filled my entire body when she suddenly said, chuckling, "It's nice to see you again, Kevin. You haven't changed at all."

Wait a minute, how does she-


-To be continued

A/N : It’s been a long time since I’ve written a story. I hope I can give this one justice by having consistent and worthy of your time updates. Anyways, I might be posting some poems on noise soon enough. My creative juices are becoming stagnant, and I want them to make good use of them at least.

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Written by   26
4 months ago
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