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Toem - a monochrome point and click adventure with a camera

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1 year ago

a monochrome point and click adventure for photographers

Summer Games Showcase 2021 / Steam Next Fest 2021

planned release date: sometime in 2021

Steam page -

"Set off on a delightful expedition and use your photographic eye to uncover the mysteries of the magical TOEM in this hand-drawn adventure game. Chat with quirky characters, solve their problems by snapping neat photos, and make your way through a relaxing landscape!"

Toem is a wholesome, black and white cartoon style, point and click adventure. It's a coming of age story about the protagonist and his journey to see Toem, 'the magical phenomenon'. (i couldn't find any translation for Toem, from Swedish, so i have no exact idea what "Toem" is hehe)

The camera is the main 'weapon' of this game. As you go along your journey, you'll meet a lot of NPCs along the way who'll give you various photography related tasks. Occasionally, they'll also ask your help to look for their missing stuff. There's also a non-NPC/mission specific related photography completion quests, like taking pictures of each type of wildlife.

For each 'mission' done, you'll get a 'stamp' from the current area you are currently in. Completing 'stamps' will eventually get you a 'bus ticket' which would move you onto the next area of the game and closer to Toem, i think!

Overall, its a nice, unique, and relaxing game to sink into with a cute cartoony esthetic.

I split the game demo into 2 half-hour parts. I think i just missed resolving one mission in game.

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Written by   8
1 year ago
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