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The Tenants - home improvement interior design sandbox game

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The Tenants
a home improvement interior design sandbox game

DEVELOPER: Ancient Forge Studio
PUBLISHER: Frozen District
early access release on Mar 25, 2021

Steam page -

"Become a landlord and deal with problematic tenants as you build your rental property empire. Decide how to react to annoyed neighbors or police interventions. Will you rent your apartment to a college couple or an older lady with four cats?"

This is a nice game to relax on especially when you have no budget to remodel your actual house, at least you can do it virtually hehe and get that interior designing urge out.

You can interact a little with the NPCs and see their reaction towards their surrounding. I played a little of The Sims back in the day, both games are comparable but in the interior designing aspect, but you cannot control the 'tenants' in this game. The NPC speech in both games are also comparable, both will utter gibberish!

In terms of the in game items, i am not sure how many The Sims has, with all their cash cow DLCs. But i will say since this is an indie title, you can get more value for money from this game!

Played the free trial for at least 2 hours. In the demo i picked up multiple home decorating contracts like bathroom, living room, bedroom, and kitchen remodelling. In the latter part of the demo, there will also be 'property management' jobs available, no need to do house decorating in these kinds of jobs, but you have to attend to your tenant's needs, like killing cockroaches!

Aside from pickup up the small contracts, which are really for farming money and unlocking new home appliances and furnitures and stuff, you also 'own' a house which you have to redecorate and eventually find a tenant who'll want to rent it. In this aspect of the game, you'll see a prospective tenant's reaction to your decors whether they like it or not, this will influence the price they are willing to pay for rent.

Only encountered 1 bug during the tutorial. The game wouldn't accept the placement of the shower and toilet bowl. I encountered it twice. Restarting a new game fixed it.

timestamps for The Tenants, part 1

00:13 main menu, new game
00:46 tutorial
06:56 simple renovation jobs
11:15 bathroom renovation
17:50 kitchen renovation
30:02 bedroom renovation
42:00 end of part 1

timestamps for The Tenants, part 2

00:25 own apartment renovation
13:11 first tenant
17:25 elite contract - ship cabin renovation
29:52 paying my overhead
32:53 'babysitting' job - property manager jobs
39:05 'open house' property manager job
42:00 lease renewal
42:39 game crashed!
42:48 credits crawl

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